Lingeriebr:Online Shop For Wholesale Lingerie

LingerieBR: If you want to resell underwear brands, save that name.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit of LingerieBR. Times of crisis are times for us to reinvent itself, create new opportunities, overcome.

The LingerieBR is an online lingerie store that works mainly focused on wholesale. That’s because the price of parts is well accessible, enabling a resale and profit.

The store is well structured, inspired me confidence, although I don’t know the direction of the company. The site is beautiful, with many options and brands. I know some of them like the Tie and Jopy and I can assure you are worth for resale. Good quality and a price which can yield interesting profit.

I don’t know all the brands, but are all of Nova Friburgo, practically the biggest fashion intimate pole of Brazil. The marks of Fribourg are very interesting for resale. And the LingerieBR store brought together a group of these brands exactly to make life easier for those who do not want to be spending on a city trip (which, by the way is very warm).

What I found really cool on LingerieBR is that the lingeries are factory direct to customers. You can select exactly the brand you want to resell. Some online stores that resell lingeries of Nova Friburgo. They buy the factories and not disclose the brand. So if you like a certain brand, cannot be identified on the site. When the website advertises the tag that is being sold, I believe that everybody wins. The brand, which strengthens in the market and also the shop, which begins to be identified by the best brands it sells.

The LingerieBR is one of those stores. I found the selection of cool products too. The basic lingerie to fitness (super trend present in lingerie stores), various models and beautiful colors.

The famosinhos lingerie models like the strappy bra are there! Beautiful, sophisticated and super modern.

I found the beautiful, delicate Gellis jerseys, with romantic and sensual air. Love these transparencies on the line night. Cute!

I found the pretty corsets models. Beautiful lace on each piece. As Valentine’s day is a date that comes, I think it’s worth the investment in this line also.

The fitness line is also very beautiful. The prints are super colorful, high-waist pants, just like the chicks like.

The basics cannot be left out. That’s what we end up using on a daily basis, so that’s what we have in the lingerie drawer. I found the basics pretty, with a face that wear well.

I know women who support the family with the sale of lingerie. It’s a nice option for those who want to have extra income or even wants to live the lingerie, selling to her friends at the gym or in physical or virtual stores.

The LingerieBR seemed like a great option for you to shop at Costco without leaving home and with good condition:

Those looking to resell underwear, can take the hint and tell here on the blog as it was! Follow the social networks of the store and check out the news: Facebook and Instagram.

Take the opportunity to enter and see what’s best.

* The Commission received Lingerie for the publication of this post, although any content has been posted spontaneously, being my real impression and opinion about the company.