Lingerie to Raise Passions

How much attention pay you to your lingerie? Although it is not, underwear is the key to increasing your self-esteem and unleash the passion of those who look at you.

You’re a fetishist shoes, love shopping and you love to try all the latest in cosmetics. However, in your scale of values dowhere you put the lingerie?

Underwear, on many occasions, it is one of the great forgotten. We love to dream with her but when it comes to the truth, how many times you’ve dared to put in a cheatings?

Feel sexy on the inside is a first step to enhance not only our self-esteem, also the image we project. No need to have curves of infarction, or coincide in the beauty of the famous standard, 90-60-90. Just to know how to choose the garment more flattering lingerie to enhance our silhouette. See

But I believe that men give little attention, the truth is that in the field of seduction, anything goes and the lingerie is a powerful weapon to raise passions just staring. So you have to banish the idea that we have women in the head that “men don’t mind the lingerie they only think in removing us it”. They also conditions them and excite them.

That certain garments have lenceras that can play against us when it comes to conquer a man. Panties shapewear, clothing remodeladotas and color meat in all its versions, remain outside at the time of linking, unless one wants to star in that time so much fun as embarrassing to the Bridget Jones.

Having said that, our selection of lingerie for spring 2013 to raise passions.