Lingerie and Femininity:What Makes You Even More Feminine?

After all, what lingerie and femininity have to do?

And why some women give much importance to the lingerie?

Maybe you have already asked this question and even asks what makes people have a blog that speaks only of lingerie (how do you write so much about the same subject?).

You should not be the only person who thinks this. Sometimes I notice the reaction of people when I say that I write a blog of lingerie. It’s a mixture of surprise and doubt at the same time. I guess some people are thinking what I see in lingerie that can generate so many texts.

My love story with the lingerie is not old. In fact, who sparked my looking at her was my husband. When I realized the passion of it for these little pieces of our wardrobe began to pay attention to what they meant.

The bright look him to view a lingerie in a showcase, all different models I’ve ever gotten to this, the subtle way how can conquer with a pair of panties and a bra only, all of this was making me see more lingerie than you can imagine.

And I started to dress differently. Even when no one was watching. Wake up the 6 A.M. and wear a suit to work in legal area may seem far from awakening the desire to use a beautiful lingerie. But that’s the fun.

When a woman begins to give lingerie (which nobody sees) the same value to the clothes (which everyone sees), demonstrates a singular femininity. She gets to dress well in all aspects is a gift you give yourself.

It’s nice to get out of the House using a set of beautiful lingerie, dressing well, that favors the fit of the clothes, which keeps everything in place all day and makes you feel beautiful, attractive. Is a well, a hot way to care, as do her nails, hair, makeup, and leave beautiful around.

Women who have understood this and have this sensitivity know what I’m talking about. French women are exactly like that. The lingeries are even more important than the clothes they wear. In every corner there is a wonderful store of lingerie. Let’s say underwear is for the French as well as the shoes are for the Brazilian. Now there’s no question, isn’t it?

Today is Monday. Try something different this week. Choose use beautiful and quality lingerie all day, even if no one is watching is like a secret, a certainty that only you have, your a mystery and no one else.

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