Lighting Designs–10 Things You Can And Cannot Do

The right lighting makes all the difference in a decorating project. Without it, the design is compromised and embarrassed. Even the most beautiful go unnoticed when the light used is not suitable for the environment. Who can speak about it is Denise Fernandes Miguel Freitas, Director of Estiluz Tatuap. Graduated in Interior Design with a specialization in lighting technique from the Faculty of fine arts of São Paulo, she says queem2012, “the big trend is the strong presence of crystal chandeliers, lamps with LEDs and pieces in more delicate fabrics. Check out the tips of the professional about the ten things she recommends and the ten that she does not recommend at the moment to make a lighting design.

10 Things I Recommend
  1. always look for a designer or an architect to create together with you the ideal design.
    2.always use the lighting according to the distribution of your mobile environment.
    3. balance the choice of fixtures as the colours of the decoration. A location with floor and dark walls need more lighting.
    4. Seek balance in the energy consumption by merging fluorescent and LED lamps, halogen lamps avoiding the old incandescent.
    5. define and calculate the exact lighting for each environment according to your purpose (comfort, cosiness, work etc.).
    6. Use the lighting mode that suits you best.Diffuse, spread the General lighting in the environment (plafons, chandeliers, lamps) and the focused, in cases where you want to direct and highlight a particular region (embedded and spots).
    7. count on dimmers (devices that vary the intensity of the current, changing the light intensity) in your environment. He can provide various sensations without the need of different lamps.
    8. Use lamps and floor lamps to improve the environment and at the same time the lighting. Is a practical and easy way of letting the most enlightened without need of installation.
    9. hire a professional. A good installation provides a useful life greater in lamps and lamp.
    10. choosing the right lamp can transform a simpler environment in a totally different, sophisticated and with your face.
10 Things I Do Not Recommend
  1. Mix fluorescent and halogen lamps in the same environment, mainly by the large difference in hue.
    2.Use cold lamps in crystal chandeliers, do end up preventing the refraction.
    3. fail to check the voltage and wiring of your residence, because when they are in poor condition, the bulbs burn steadily increases consumption.
    4. Hire unskilled persons to do the installation. A sloppy service can damage your lamp.
    5. Forget to integrate the finish of the luminaire with the decoration of the environment. The result needs to be harmonious.
    6. Put pending passage environments, as they may get in the way and cause accidents.
    7. Install lamps direct dicroicas (voltage 127V).The life is too short and does not light correctly, in addition to having a very yellowish tone.
    8. Use incandescent bulbs because they heat the atmosphere and not as much as the halogen light, for example.
    9. Use cleaning product in chrome fixtures.This will damage the paint. For cleaning and polishing use only car wax with silicone.
    10. Put pending on open environments, they can swing like wind and be damaged.