Light Top Boots for Women

Make the choice of boots for women with so many available templates can become a little difficult. High boots, low or medium. High or low heel, pointy or social galoshes. There are so many models that you find in stores, to the most different styles and pockets, it’s always hard to pick that boot that is what you really want!

The only sure thing we have is that there is a pattern of boots for every occasion and makes up the look with lots of charm and elegance. The challenge is to find this model in the middle of so many.

Every year brings new collections, with several models and materials and to seduce women, even those who already have your cabinets a multitude of options according to

However, until that woman more experienced in buying needs some advice. One that I like to give every time that I’m asking is that when choosing the best model the watchwords are: taste and style!

Each one of us has your own special way to dress. But if you combine your style with a good dose of good taste you can’t go wrong in choosing the new boot.

So you hit the choice, broke up some tips on the main models of boots for women. Follow below:

The short boots are the most casual, can be used inside or outside of pants, with skirts, dresses, creating a modern look and stripped.

The tall guy ride are comfortable and a favourite of Brazilian women. Very versatile look good with jeans, shorts or dresses. If you intend to leave your more elongated silhouette use the boot with skinny pants of the same color.

The boots known as “Max” that go beyond the knees, are beautiful and leave women with the bold look, but are more suitable for tall women. Very worn with skirts, dresses or shorts.

Mid-cut boots are ideal for women of average height or high because underscore the silhouette, so are not as advisable for women of low stature for what appears to be with the shorter silhouette. Can be used to compose various styles, is a charm.

The galoshes have emerged for the seasons of rain, but liked it so much that are easily found in stores regardless of the season. For those who prefer the looks more relaxed, but fashion, this women’s boot model is an excellent choice.

Country Boots are quite sought after, have characteristics of used by cowboys and are perfect for the Rodeo fans. However, they are not restricted only to parties of type, they can be used at any time, creating a youthful and beautiful style.

For more formal occasions the high heel boots are perfect, in addition to leaving his wife very elegant gives a touch of femininity and sensuality to the production.

And with that the boots don’t match?

  • Hot days;
  • Swimwear;
  • Classic dresses to party;
  • Occasions that require fine costumes and/or gala.

Women’s boots will always have spots in our productions and for the most diverse occasions. Make the right choice according to your pace and lifestyle will ensure that you enjoy the fascination with acting boots where to spend.