LG G Watch: the Smartwatch Clock Looks Like a Prototype

The LG G Watch was specially developed to support for Android Wear, the Google operating system for wearable devices. As he, only the Samsung Gear Live can be found with the same software features, that’s still pretty shallow. Unlike most of the smartwatches that we find in the market today, the G Watch was not created solely to be compatible with LG’s smartphones, so any device running Android 4.3 or higher can be used with it.

LG G Watch: the Smartwatch Clock Looks Like a Prototype

Another feature of the G Watch that should be mentioned here is that he doesn’t bring the South Korean manufacturer UI features, which makes the gadget very much like the other smart with Android Wear watches. In this way, what really identifies the G Watch other wearables of the market is the your design. However, it must be said that this is not necessarily a positive point of the LG watch.

Even with reputable specifications, G Watch looks more like a prototype that a genuine device according to InsideWatch.net.

LG G Watch – design & build quality

In terms of design, the LG G Watch does not bring anything new, except for the flawed option for not bringing physical buttons. What causes you to have to carry around an adapter and a USB cable along with you all the time. The design of the screen follows the same square line of other wearables already present on the market, and just can’t be worse than the smartwatch clock 2 from Sony; However, no device can.

The edges of the screen occupy enough space in the front of the device and there is no reference about the mark of the manufacturer. The microphone for input of content is in the bottom center of the frame of the device. G’s Bracelet Watch is nothing special, and it’s kind of gray rubber. As I had a watch with a silicone bracelet before, caused me strangeness, however, it cost R$21,00, quite different from the G Watch. However, it must be said that you can change the bracelets and customize the gadget.

The dimensions of the device clock are satisfactory, 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm and, as mentioned above, the device weighs 63 grams and is pretty light. On the back, are the buttons to connect to the loading dock and microUSB. So, to connect the G Watch, you need to walk with this adapter all the time, because only when you connect the USB cable to the computer or the energy he will start. In addition, very careful not to lose this accessory, since it is the only way to turn the clock back and carry it. So far, the South Korean manufacturer has not reported how do these parts replacement in case of loss.

Thus, the LG G Watch is not the type of watch that win a competition of original design, but also wouldn’t be in last place. However, in terms of functionality, the fact of not bringing a physical button for switching the gadget is a problem.

LG G Watch-Screen

G Watch has a screen a little bigger than your direct competitor-the Gear Live-counting with a 1.65-inch display with IPS LCD technology and offering images with a resolution of 280 x 280p. During my test had no problem in understanding the content of the cards because of the low resolution of the screen, on the contrary. The only uncomfortable was when I needed to access the settings, because the gray background and the letters superfinas need thomchurmann attention of eyes to be recognised at first glance, especially when we are under direct sunlight.

In addition, as the Android Wear is still pretty dry in terms of resources, there is the option of automatic brightness adjustment, which is quite frustrating, since you have to pass all the time controlling the screen brightness manually, especially when we’re in dark environments. So, you potentially will choose to turn off the screen always on option if you are in a movie theater.

One thing is certain: the screen has your brightness, so if you are thinking about leaving the watch by pressing the side of your bed, on your nightstand, forget it, because the whole room will be illuminated by the watch display. And as the unit turns on when connect it on energy, there is no chance to carry him off. However, it is worth saying that if you put the Palm of your hand under the screen, the brightness will decrease, but the feature only makes sense when the watch is in the maximum level of brightness; otherwise, you can’t tell any difference.

To activate the G Watch, you can take the clock toward the face, as if you were checking the schedule, or simply tap the screen of the gadget. However, that doesn’t mean it will always respond: so far, it seems that this is a difficulty encountered in smartwatches in General. And here there is a problem with the option to keep the screen turned off, ’cause most of the time you will have to touch the same to “wake it up”.

LG G Watch – Special Features

The LG G Watch works on devices running Android 4.3 or higher and uses a gadget connected via Bluetooth to your Android device. You will also need the Android application Wear so that you can access and transmit data and contacts. Without an active connection, the watch will keep only the basic features, such as information about time, time and some non-data-dependent resources.

LG G Watch-Software

As mentioned above, the G Watch wheel with the new software for wearable devices from Google, the Android Wear. Thus, it is possible to interact with the gadget from movements and voice commands. In fact, the great novelty introduced with the G Watch was to allow users to send content through the intelligent voice commands, well-known feature of Google users Now.

  • Android Wear: all about the OS to wearables from Google

Thus, many of the features of the UI/UX G Watch are inspired by the voice of Wizard cards Big G. Suffice it to say the revolves around the shared user data from the Google account, uses the location via mobile device and sends notifications from services like Gmail, WhatsApp, Play Store, weather forecasting and other applications such as Keep or Duolingo , for example. Most of the time, I can say that the information appears when you need to, especially because we are talking here of reminders that facilitate everyday life.

What causes right weirdness is the fact that many of the functions for which we use the smartwatch clock end up being very invasive, since all the people in your surroundings will know the content of the messages exchanged by you. As the Wear does not have a native keyboard system or third-party app, everything becomes public. However, it must be admitted that the voice commands are very welcome when we got our hands full and we need to send a message or know where certain place.

With a tap on the home screen, you start a search by voice, which can also be started using the hotword “Ok, Google!”, dragging and holding on this screen, you can access the resource menu, where we find the following options:

  • Create a note (drinking more water)
  • Remember to run the 7:00
  • Show my steps
  • Send SMS/MMS
  • Send e-mail
  • Appointments for today
  • Navigate to a gas station
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Start Timer
  • Set an alarm for 3 minutes
  • Settings:
  1. Adjust brightness
  2. Always-on screen-atv/des
  3. Airplane mode
  4. Hang up
  5. Restart
  6. Reset device
  7. Change clock display
  8. About
  9. Developer options
  • Start (Apps)

Another detail is that you can check the battery percentage, the current date and silence/vibrate the device in case of notifications by sliding the finger on the home screen from top to bottom. Currently, the Android Wear is at version 4.4 W and the number of applications that have been developed for the new software grows daily. I had the opportunity to test different apps and have listed those which best adapted to the so far in a Gallery of apps for Android Wear. As Google is being pretty accurate with respect to the interface of your operating system for wearable devices, everything you find on G Watch in terms of the features you will find in other gadget running on Android Wear.

LG G Watch – Performance

The LG G Watch is packed by a Snapdragon processor 400, turning the 1.2 GHz and has 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. For a gadget that works almost like a mirror device, these specs are above average. During my test, at no time had freezing problems or delays. In addition, the sensors such as accelerometer, compass and gyroscope showed an excellent performance.

However, the connection with the cell phone was definitely one of the biggest problems that I found using the LG G Watch, but justice is done, this is a problem seems to be more related to Android Wear itself LG. The fact is that a large part of the operating system depends on a good internet connection and, so far, the use of the data plan falls short Since the signal needs to be very strong so that we have a connection. Moreover, even in WiFi is hard to stay connected all the time.

LG G Watch – Drums

The battery has always been a sensitive issue for both smartphones and gadgets “companions” and, in this sense, the LG G Watch doesn’t escape the rule. What I noticed is that it is not possible to clearly define if you will have to load the watch at least once a day, because the energy autonomy is directly linked to your usage behavior. That is, if you really demand enough of the software, you have to load with a higher frequency.

The LG G Watch comes with 400 mAh battery and comes out ahead of the competitor Samsung Gear Live, which has 300 mAh. As with a smartphone using a smart watch you should consider some battery saving tips, such as the brightness of the screen and how long it will always on mode. Taking care with these two factors, it is possible to keep the device working for longer.

However, we must not forget that the energy demand also smartphone gadget to which it is connected. During my test, the LG G Watch consumed about 22% of my battery, a smartphone Xperia Z1. This was divided between the Android application Wear and the connection with the Bluetooth 4.0. And 22% of almost nothing is too!

G Watch will be announced by LG on day 22 of July 2014 in Brazil and, therefore, does not have a suggested retail price in the domestic market. In the gringa, he is selling for 199 euros, already in Brazil, the suggested retail price of G Watch is R$699,00.

Final Verdict

In the end, two characteristics should be taken into account in this review of the LG G Watch:the design and the software features. With respect to the presentation of the device, the LG dare very little and gave preference to a manufacturing line already known of gadgets in this category, namely, brought a clock square and still chose not to offer physical buttons, which was a mistake, since it limits the experience enough to use and it’s not functional.

Despite the good quality of the screen and the proper functioning of the hardware sensors, the OS does not offer support for simple features like automatic screen brightness.

Thus, we have Android Wear a the that is still crawling in terms of consistency. Even with the large amount of applications being developed to offer what the operating system does not have natively, the impression we have is that the LG G Watch is still a prototype.

Finally, after what I’ve seen in the last few weeks, I believe that Android Wear still has a great potential for development, which makes the G Watch a gadget that can still surprise in the future in terms of features, but with respect to the design, only the South Korean manufacturer put a new clock model on the market.