LG Explains The Operation of ZeroGap, The Screen Technology of The Optimus G

A few days ago, the Spanish presentation of LG Optimus G, the Korean firm boasted of ZeroGap, a display manufacturing technology that improved sensitivity and visibility in your terminal star.

As each new technology that is implemented in a device, in the presentation is a little by up to then release all the strokes, so Here we bring you with details mean ZeroGap, the technology that LG has created its Optimus G screen.

To be clear, the new LG flagship has with a IPS Panel of 4.7 inch that LG has called TrueHD IPS. On paper the IPS panels offer a great quality of colors and brightness and good visibility outdoors, although according to the Korean manufacturer, Optimus G will enhance these aspects thanks to the mentioned technology ZeroGap.

This technology, developed in collaboration with LG Innotek, leaves no room for doubt with its name, as “zero” and “gap” indicate something like space zero English, so what we will see in the LG Optimus G is a reduction of the layers between the glass screen and the panel.

When in the majority of devices, we find two ITO (indium-tin oxide) films, which are transparent and conductive coatings applied to the glass, the new LG appliance you will find ITO Film stamped directly on the glass.

Summary the simple, there are no existing layers between the glass and the LCD panel, what does that the thickness of the whole is 27% less, with the improvement to the touch and sensitivity that causes be almost directly touching the LCD panel. Colors and images will look more realistic to be the panel just below the glass, and angles of vision will be better because the reflection of light is much lower in the absence of air layer.

It should be noted that LG ZeroGap technology has won the award for innovation at the Korea Electronics Show 2012, and that it is the first time that you deploy on a smartphone.

Now remains to be seen how behaves the screen in live, LG has been the only company that opted not to place a panel FullHD on its flagship. Is it enough with ZeroGap and TrueHD IPS?