Learn Why the Iphone Alarm Clock Gives You 9 Minutes of Nap Time

Do you know when you put your cell phone to wake up and after the first ring, it gives you some precious minutes of sleep?The feature, commonly known as “snooze”, usually plays automatically every 5 minutes.However, on the iPhone , this time is set to 9 minutes.Do you know what the reason is?Would not it be easier to leave at 5 or round to 10?

Let’s explain: The first theory says that mechanical clocks offered 9-minute breaks to make the “snooze” feature work.This is because of the location of a button on the part that controls the minutes of the clock.That is, to let people take an eyelash as long as possible, it was more convenient to mark this space of time.

Other people believe this “pattern” came about when the first hybrid watches arrived.Because of an electric motor used in cycles of an AC connection for everything to remain accurate, the “snooze” function needed to be placed in columns of minutes – and putting it in another column, other than “9”, could result in a time very long.

The issue is that, unlike Google and Microsoft , with Android and Windows Phone , Apple and iOS have decided to adopt the standard numbering on the iPhone to this day.Is that you?Does snooze time influence your sleep?Say it in the comments.