Learn What Motorola Moto Pulse and Surround Headphones Have ‘Special’

The new Moto Pulse and Surround headphones were launched by Motorola last Tuesday (28).The event in São Paulo, which featured the new Moto X and G , showed that the company also invests in sound accessories, with wireless devices, internal battery and even with waterproof model.Want to know what the headphones have “special”?So check out our tips.

Learn What Motorola Moto Pulse and Surround Headphones Have 'Special'

List gathers the most suitable headphones to use in the gym

Moto Pulse

Moto Pulse works with wireless technology and can be paired with Android devices (including the new Moto X and G), iPhones, tablets.The power of 40mm loudspeakers comes in a compact design, with dimensions of 204 x 175 x 57.5 and weight of 111 g.

The arch is thinner and does not pressure during use, which can appeal to many users, as well as being coated for added comfort.One of the differentials is the internal rechargeable battery, which promises to use up to 18 hours listening to music.

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For greater control, the user can use the Motorola Connect app.This way you can find out how much battery remains and even locate the phone, in case of loss, on a map containing the last connection.The handset offers built-in microphone to answer calls, micro USB input and allows pairing with two devices at the same time.

Learn What Motorola Moto Pulse and Surround Headphones Have 'Special' 1

The model available in black or white offers Bluetooth connectivity 4.1.The product is suitable for travel and users who like to listen to music more comfortably, without having to charge a very large handset or use in-ear options.

Moto Surround

The Wireless Moto Surround is designed for users of all styles, especially for those who enjoy practicing listening to music. The model with Bluetooth 4.1 is super light, with only 39 g, and has dimensions of 151mm x 196mm x 33mm. The highlight is the waterproof design and sweat, so you do not have to worry about using it during races on the beach, gym and other environments.

The use is intra-auricular, with sound seal in flexible material that fits in the ear.The wireless headset is integrated into a “collar” that is positioned around the neck and contains the main control buttons to answer calls, change volume, range and more.

The powerful high-definition sound of Moto Surround can be used with Android smarts and tablets as well as iPhones with iOS.In total, the manufacturer promises 12 hours of continuous use with an internal battery charge.AptX technology offers better bandwidth for playing music on headphones.

Learn What Motorola Moto Pulse and Surround Headphones Have 'Special' 2

There are custom audio profiles, if you prefer to listen as you prefer, with bass and high pitches.The model can also be paired with the Motorola Connect app to find in case of loss and control the battery.He can play songs up to 45 meters from the device.

Comparative with market phones

Moto Pulse

Several brands such as Sony, Multilaser, Beats, Philips and Razer sell domestic compact wireless headsets in the headset format such as Moto Pulse. The prices are the most varied, from $ 60 to fuller options and tops, also with padded bow. The Razer Adaro is compact but can not be as light as the Moto Pulse model, double the weight, and can be found for $ 719.

The Beats Wireless model (mh652br) with Bluetooth and 10-meter range can be found for $ 879. In the cheaper options, the Bluetooth headphone from Acorde has a foldable and compact design, but the weight is also far from its competitor. Motorola, with triple the number.It costs from $ 63. The Philips Over Ear with Bluetooth 3.0 technology and microphone, with padded design, is priced at $ 173.79 at virtual stores.

Learn What Motorola Moto Pulse and Surround Headphones Have 'Special' 3

Moto Surround

Moto Surround is a little more difficult to find by joining super lightweight and waterproof design. The LG model (HBS 900) has a similar design, in intra-auricular visual connected with a main accessory. There is good sound quality, playing up to 14 hours of music. It weighs about 345 g, makes pairing with Androids and iPhones, priced starting at $ 600.

The Yurbuds Leap Ear Aqua headset is fitted to the ear and has resistance to sweat.The pairing technology is Bluetooth and the battery lasts up to 6 hours in duration, also ideal for exercise users.The price is $ 419 in virtual stores.

Price and availability

Moto Pulse and Moto Surround headphones were launched last Tuesday (28). The first is priced in the United States at $ 59.99 (about $ 199 in direct conversion) in black and white. The Surround is sold for $ 69.99 (about $ 232), in the blue-black model. There is still no forecast of arrival in the Brazilian market or national price.