Learn What Is A Pea Coat And How To Use It

The pea coat (or peacoat) is one of the most traditional and popular coats, however in Brazil he suffers from a bad: hardly anyone knows the name of the poor bastard. In fact, the Brazilian, little concerned about the winter fashion, sorting anything over a blouse or shirt on a cold day as just “coat”. With the popularity of online shopping is necessary to better know the nomenclature of certain parts to not buy wrong or, at least, understand what you are buying.

Traditional wool model Schott, NY, even has the buttons with anchors in bas-relief.

Pea coat is, first and foremost, a jacket usually in thick wool with double buttoning and wide collar, traditionally comes in Navy blue color and has length up to the end of the torso. His early records are the 18th century, when it was used by European sailors to face temperatures in the high seas.

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch (left) who plays Sherlock, the brilliant British series of the same name, both he and supervillain are your fans of pea coat.

The reason the name generates some controversy, since many sources indicate the shape of the collar, similar to a anchor (nicknamed “pea” in English), as being responsible for the nickname, but there are some texts that speak about the exaggerated number of buttons (as high as 10) have inspired the name “pea” in English also means pea. A third explanation, less notorious, seems to make more sense: in fact the name comes from the Dutch word “pij” designating a fabric made of rough wool used in the making of the piece in its early days. (source)

With time the pea coat has been gaining new readings, wool gave way to other types of fabric like denim, jeans, sweatpants, and even your tricoline length also changed, giving rise to a longer version calledbridge coat (formerly used by naval officers) and even your buttons change in number, material and, in extreme cases, position.

As a part of the democratic winter pea coat allows various combinations with the most varied types of clothes, from casual to social, forming compositions that appeal from the young to the elderly. Let’s look at some options.