Learn More About The Trend Of Jeans Navalhado

The navalhado jeans are super high for a while, but this season of spring and summer is that he gained even more prominence and closet space of most women. The clippings and shredded leaves a piece that was a basic air completely new and modern. Let’s check more about this trend:
The style of the jeans of the moment comes from the grunge fashion, the rockers that appeared in shows with the pieces of a destroyed, full of tears and threadbare. Nowadays they inspire looks very modern and also full of styles, but now more feminine versions and super fashionistas.
The jeans navalhado, as the name implies, has this way due to the razor cuts that are made in it. Once cut, the part is shredded using other accessories such as clamps, screw, and more. The intention is to ask how much more ripped, better. The appearance of old jeans and destroyed is what makes this charm, what characterizes the play as destroyed, the super trend for summer 2015.
As this is a very informal jeans style, it combines thus looks more simple, more dispossessed, ideal for everyday life in simpler times. By be jeans he can match practically everything, from the most simple to the most tidy, which can be a great option for those informal outing, as a little dinner with friends.
Some legal ways to use navalhado jeans is combining the piece with t-shirt for the day. Feet you can use either a shoe mega comfortable, like a sneaker, as an option more like a yingi sandal with thick heel. Spice up your look with maxi necklaces, earrings and bracelets to level using the trend. This is a combination that is perfect for going to the Mall, walking in the weekend or go to informal commitments.
If you prefer, you can also make combinations more tidy, as mixing the navalhado jeans and a blouse with leather accents and cut peplum. Finish the look with high sandals and powerful accessories to ensure the look more sexy and hip. You can also change the blouse for a thin shirt, like a version of silk, which leaves the look well hi-lo, that is, the chic and expensive with the deprived and informal, all in one production.