Learn More About The Clock Museum In Germany

We’re really passionate about watches, and today’s tip is a tourist attraction that has much to do with this subject, of course. This is the Clock Museum, which is located in Germanythe, and in this post we bring facts, location and all that explains why you still need to meet him.

Don’t miss any of the topics below and learn more about this lovely place. Come with us!

Location Of Clock Museum

Before we even get to Watch Museum in Germany there are a number of attractions that enchant the visitor.

To begin with, the Museum is located in the small and charming town ofFurtwangen, in the middle of the famousBlack Forest, almost on the border with France. The region is known for its tradition in watchmaking of various types, with emphasis to the cuckoos, and quite sought after by tourists who wish to rent a Porsche and drive safely the road—and without speed limit—or enjoy the bells ski resorts. But that’s a topic for another post.

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A Trip Back In Time

The Clock Museum is not just a display of various pieces, but a location quite dedicated to the subject and everything that concerns you, as for example, the story of the development of the concept of hours, the relativization of the time, documents reporting the first discussions about what are seconds, months, years, and more a series of important information that will satisfy aficionados since subject to those who have never seen a cuckoo clock in life.

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The Acquis More Rico Of The World

The clock Museum in Germany is thelargest collection of watches in the worldgathered in one place. There are more than 8000 copies between electronic markers, space clocks, sundials, historical pieces, wall clocks of the simplest to the most exotic, primitive concepts of measurement of hours, until State-parts or those common to the point of you make sure you have already seen them somewhere in your town. But, as described in the previous topics, it is not only this that makes the clock Museum in Furtwangen a place so special.

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A Symphony Of Birds And Other Sounds

The region of the Black Forest is quite traditional with regard to themanufacture of clocks, but the highlight is the production of cuckoo clocks. And the Clock Museum there is a plethora of them in different sizes, machines, conceptions and adornment options, ranging from something like a large closet until small pieces made for the Office desks.

Now imagine what happens every half hour. That’s right: a true Symphony deafening and at the same time enjoyable to cuckoo clocks ringing at the same time. The sound of bells and birds advertising time is something really unforgettable.

An important tip and devoid of puns: go with plenty of time available! Is is a great opportunity to learn more about the watch you purchased with the Kukos! Is very worthwhile.

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