Learn and Take Advantage of The Trends This Season: Style Navy

By: camillebrion

Navy style It is one of those everlasting that always accompany us as soon as summer arrives: assisted, fresh, very wearable and position which is one of the ACEs in the sleeve of most of collect them, should not be all difficult to make us with low cost in stores items as White, Zara or Massimo Dutti to make the workaround or on the contrary, if we prefer to build an outfit in conditions with him, Prada, D & G or Salvatore Ferragamo You can stock up on blazers, shirts, ties or water to achieve this.

Without a doubt and without having to remember it, the main protagonists of this style are the stripes. But within a same trend, we can find very different variants that cater to color, number of stripes, the same thickness, cuts of clothes or even sub-styles such as the preppy and the Saharan that combined with the navy can achieve interesting effects. So the best thing is that We do a retrospective to the catwalks to be able to go assimilating ideas that can make the most navy style this summer.

Some firms as Prada they have adopted a more classic version of this style: the Yacht Club. It is a style much more elegant navy, which take precedence above all cuts straight and symmetrical, a high-class in terms of the style of the outfit that we have chosen and the indisputable presence of the water within the set. The cardigans or sweaters are finished in boat neck for puntilla more even this effect.

Hackett London prefers to injecting doses of color but still in the same line: red, white, and even some green are complemented by a warmer idea of the concept based on Bermuda, shorts and articles and indisputable objects such as the sunglasses aviator type or the maxi Sport bags. If I want to get a better idea, Paul and Shark or Tommy Hilfiger they have also opted for style Yacht Club for their collections.

D & G However opted to give to the navy style a touch more sport-based open linen pants, straight shot or stem and above all the presence of the Blazers and blasiers in microdot dark tones such as dark grey and dark blue to achieve a different effect: mixes the formality of the stylish jacket more urban printed t-shirts or the sneakers in neutral tones.

Add-ins such as of Tommy Hilfiger they do not want get lost within the group, so if you can’t with them, join: striped neckties, bow ties in dark tones and bags with maritime-themed prints…

… as well as he has decided to use Dsquared. All interest and party to the earthy and the beige which without a doubt are the great allies of the blue in this peculiar style.

Salvatore Ferragamo It has also embraced this style, much more relaxed and sophisticated in which garments acquire greater range without forgetting the chromatic palette (dark blue on light backgrounds) seafood, stripes and nautical.

You can also decide, as it has done Jean Paul Gaultier, by a Navy style much more naive: simple, simple forms and causing the desestructurizaciones based asymmetric necks in boat, vertigo necklines or oversized pants with belts to create an effect of spaciousness that contrasts with the cardigans and more tight-fitting t-shirts.

Much less powered but following the same creative line, Boss Black bet on the same concept and joining it to the Yacht Club style that borrows the shorts and the preppy style to get a contrast effect very innovative and mostly wearable, which is what matters in the end and after: what we like, carry it put.

If what we want are more visible, signs such as Massimo Dutti and white they have today in their catalog Spring-summer 2011 a myriad of cardigans to blue stripes, neckties and bow ties in the same style, with straight shot linen pants and t-shirts in thematic navy with which to build our navy-style saving and without having to pull the House out the window.

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