Learn About Cctv Part 1-Analog Dvr

Beginning our site with a first article related to a very important issue and increasingly high, let’s talk about CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, also known by many as  Surveillance System, in a series of articles to help you not fall into a cold in the hand of the rogue installers.

Learn About Cctv Part 1-Analog Dvr

Read this article so you do not fall for the trickster installer’s trick!

CCTV Is Important But Do Not Fall On A Cold!

Basically CCTV systems become increasingly important for trades, residences, rural areas, but you have to be careful when it comes to buying after all it’s your security of what and who cares for you that’s at stake, is not it?

But How To Choose Correctly?

To choose you need to know, let’s start by understanding 3 acronyms that will define your type of system, quality, and other important factors, which are DVR, HVR and NVR.

Learn About Cctv Part 1-Analog Dvr 1

Dvr Stand Alone

An Intelbrás brand DVR device, one of the most sought after brands in the market

Better understanding basically DVR stands for”Digital Video Recorder”or Digital Video Recorder, or a whole machine geared for recording video and audio (yes, some DVR models record audio if you have one and do not know, check your model ), basically this device replaces the need for equipment such as CCTV boards.

That’s right, with a DVR you no longer need to pick up an important PC from your company, or even spend over a thousand dollars on a computer to insert a full board of cables, and worse, a computer that will be almost unusable

The CCTV card, great for slowing down your PC and causing headaches, because as we know this type of monitoring will consume memory, that is, the advantage of the DVR is in its reduced price and performance.

That’s right, you’ll find good DVRs around R $ 200 for home monitoring or small commercial points that, on average, require 4 to 8 cameras, greatly reducing your expenses and providing you with a more secure and efficient system. easier to hide a small device like a DVR than a large device such as a PC case

Learn About Cctv Part 1-Analog Dvr 2

If you’re wondering why I did not mention the USB CCTV boards? Simple, why if the PCI card is bad, imagine the USB what stolen it is not?

But if you think it’s over? Not yet

For you to understand better, there are two ways of working on DVR Stand Alone, one of them being AHD (Analog HD) and Traditional Analog

So What Is AHD?

Basically the AHD is a system that uses traditional coaxial cabling to pass HD images.

Yes, that’s it! With this system your system can provide resolutions up to Full HD 1080p allowing amazing quality images, to better understand at the time of buying the AHD is divided into three categories:

Learn About Cctv Part 1-Analog Dvr 3

AHD-L :Achieve resolution of 960 lines, a system between analog and digital, achieves certain quality and definition

AHD-M :This system delivers images in resolutions between 720p (HD) and 1.3mp, being one of the most found in the market, and the most recommended for all uses, without drizzles, without interference and with higher quality than its predecessor.

AHD-H :The highest resolution system of the 3, with resolutions from 1080p to 2MP, delivering sharp images with quality similar to high-end camera phones.

These resolutions allow for greater qualities.