LCD Monitors Are Distorted By Magnets, As Crts?

Know if the distortion effect caused when a magnet is close to a CRT screen also occurs in LCDs and understand why

Doubt the player Marcel Fernandes, received by email
“I wonder if the LCD monitor is damaged while being exposed to the effects of the Imam or if it only happens with CRT monitors (tube)?”

PC WORLD: First, the CRT monitors are not damaged when exposed to a magnet; they just suffer a temporary ditorção.

“Inside, the CRT has an electron gun wrapped in a coil. When the electric current passing through the coil is created a magnetic field, that acts on electrons to form the images on TV or on the monitor. The Imam only causes an imbalance in this magnetic field; If you get him away from the monitor, the monitor back to normal “, explains Walter Duran, Chief Technology Officer of Philips — one of the manufacturers of the LCD market.

However, if the magnet is held next to the monitor for a long time, it may be a permanent damage, explains the Executive of Philips.

In the case of LCD monitors, this phenomenon does not happen because this technology does not assumes the existence of a magnetic field to display the images, which is shown from a rear lamp that form the images on the LCD screen.