Lamps for Self Defense Tactics

Lamps for self defense tactics

Tactical lights are a type of portable lamps used for personal defense today, initially these lamps were exclusively military and police officers.

If you are from people who usually go out and used to load a gas pepper, taser or something to protect a tactical lamp can be more useful, since they will help not only to identify his attacker, but it also allows you to see clearly the gun from the assailant.

Even if you are not used to carrying a self defense product lamp can become very useful in a difficult situation.

Tactical lamps are ideal to carry them to cinemas, theatres, concerts or airports are all places where it is forbidden to carry arms, also if you live in places where there are strict laws to bear arms these lamps are the best choice.

Functions of lamps tactics

There are two important for a tactical lamp functions, as well as an important application.

  • They help to identify attackers.

Attackers used as a great advantage the darkness, so carry a tactical lamp lit in very dark places or low lighting reduces the advantage of attackers on you. Sometimes just enough to illuminate it so that the attacker will feel intimidated and silk aggression.

  • Distración Momentanea to attack.

Have ever had a very bright light near the eyes in the dark and that momentarily as sparks? Well, this is what happens when shines an attacker with one of these powerful lamps, since it makes them feel momentarily disoriented.

When you put the light directly in their eyes, it dazzles them, giving you a few minutes of confusion and disorientation that can leverage to flee, ask for help or use another product in self-defense and paralyze his attacker in a situation of risk or danger.

  • Improvised weapon.

Some tactical lamps are made or covered with bezel (a mental one), which serves as a tool to break windows in case of an emergency.

This material is hard and tough, helping not only to break things easily, but after flashing his view can hit with it his attacker to be able to escape more easily.

I recommend you to read already in the market can find tactical lamps of this type.

What is the best tactic lamp?

There are about 100 different models on the market and the choice is always reflected in personal interests. However, there are some things that can help you improve your selection:

Be small, so it can load every day easily. The lamp must fit in the Palm of your hand.

Have at least 120 lumens of light. To make your lamp truly self-defence must have sufficient lighting to blind your attacker and something less than this amount of lumens will not let you achieve your goal.

Purchasing a simple tactical light. In the market there are lamps that have the functions of strobe or SOS, among many other things more, but if we are talking about simple self-defense does not need any of those.

Be approved water. If you will need to use it in all kinds of situations as a low attack rain will need one of these.

Be of a rugged material that must withstand the use. Look for a hard aluminum because it is a light-weight metal. In addition, make sure that metal lamp is molded so that it is easy to grip.

Be a LED lamp because they can withstand the bumps and drops, also saves energy.

We hope that this article is useful and in coming we will be telling him how to use your tactical light in a dangerous situation.

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