Lamp with Control Via Internet

It was announced by NXP Semiconductors its newest release, quite in line with Google’s project of managing residences and offices. The GreenChip , which will be presented at the Lightfair International fair in Pennsylvania, USA, May 17-19, is a bulb designed not only to be attached to a bulb and generate light: it also has electronically and remotely controlled functions , by Internet.

Betting on the home automation and control segment, reiterated by the announcement of the Project Tungsten / Android @ Home interface by Google, Greenchip will be available in two versions: fluorescernte (iCFL) and LED (iSSL).A 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 wireless microcontroller will manage the lamps through an RX / TX receiver and transmitter, which operates at frequencies below 17mA and IP connectivity via JenNet-IP network software.

Technological convergence

The program will allow control of the lighting of the rooms of your residence or commercial room through any type of device connected to the local network, such as a notebook or smart phone.All this technology and interactivity will be accompanied by very welcome results: significant reduction of expenses with consumption of electric energy.

The convergence of technologies, coupled with Google’s announcement with its Project Tungsten, can take the concept of home management and commercial real estate to a new level.

Considering not only the volume of technologies involved, but also the financially and ecologically friendly profile of this project, it would be quite interesting that the GreenChip gained popularity and initiated evolutions in this type of proposal.