Lacoste L! Ve and His Super Spring-Summer 2011 Campaign

By: camillebrion

Lacoste It has never been a company that has excelled by his genius. But that’s part of a past reduced to polos and shirts with classic crocodile on chest: Lacoste has become everything a benchmark in the world of men, able to create trends and renewed each season in each of the lines that the firm maintains in the market.

Lacoste L! ve It is one of them with a key that makes it special, is that its young spirit and vitality make it the Niña mimada de Lacoste For when the good weather arrives, Lacoste wants us surprise with new poles, new colors and new inspirations. To see what you think.

Gone are the times of the famous smooth polos from Lacoste (who don’t have a smooth Lacoste polo?). For next summer, the formula is reinvented in form of new colours and geometric shapes. I feel weakness for the Green pole carrying this guy.

It is incredible the amount of new clothes that bet Lacoste to stop being what came to be in previous years: a firm without commercial sights based on classics that people bought by inertia. Lacoste has now managed to adapt to these times as modern as this black t-shirt clothing.

They are not only clothes, but also style transmitting campaigns that really attests to this intention of change that carries Lacoste. In the gallery you have more images of the campaign, which, incidentally, reminds me of much photographic style I can teach you how to do it, don’t you think?

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