Know the Types of LED Lighting Ideal For Each Type of Environment

A good lighting design is fundamental for the decoration of an environment.In addition to its functional character, when well executed, it is able to transform a space.Different sensations and effects can be obtained with the various types of LEDs available in the market.

But each home environment requires a specific type of lighting .The versatility of LED lamps fits well to this requirement.And it is worth remembering that they present the best cost-benefit of the market.

There are many advantages of LED bulbs, according to listofledlights. In addition to being more efficient and durable than traditional ones, they are also more economical and sustainable.The reduction in energy consumption reaches 90% .

In today’s post, we’ll show you tips on how to get the lighting project right for each room in your home using the various LED types.Follow:

Living room

The living room is the place where the family relaxes, receives friends and often watches a movie or is dedicated to reading a book.Therefore, the ideal is to create different environments, which can be achieved by means of a good lighting project.

The recessed plaster ceiling with built-in LED lamps is a great alternative.In addition to good lighting, it is possible to guarantee a specific effect for each corner and functionality.Still, you can use the lights to highlight decorative objects or works of art.

For those who prefer indirect lighting, you can bet on floor lamps near the armchairs, for example, and washers on the wall of the television area.In the ceiling, spots directed to the spots that need more lighting solve the problem.

Already in the dining room, the pendant on the table helps you visualize what is being served.


In the rooms, lighting that creates a relaxing environment is key.Indirect light contributes to this.Leave the LED bulbs in strategic corners: embedded in the furniture or behind the mirror, for example.Next to the bed, do not forget a good lamp for reading.

In the closet, the lighting can be more intense.It is worth even betting on a cold light, with blue-toned lamps, since these environments usually do not have windows.

In the children’s bedroom, you can create a starry sky effect by interleaving LED bulbs of various sizes.Little ones love it!


The kitchen should be well lit.Ideally, ceiling lighting should not make shadows.The tip is to install LED lamps on the workbenches.

LED tapes can also be used around a panel, thus creating an interesting effect.You can still opt for colored lamps on the island if your kitchen décor is more bold.

Finally, after knowing details about the lighting of each room, be aware of a tip about color temperature .

When choosing LED bulbs, always give preference to those of orange tone to areas such as living room and bedrooms, where the sense of coziness needs to be present.In areas that need to be brighter, such as kitchens and bathrooms, you may prefer bluish lamps.

With the different types of LEDs available, it is possible to light the correct way each environment of your house.Did you like our tips?So enjoy and share this knowledge with your friends on social networks!