Kate Middleton Pregnancy Dresses

The nine months of pregnancy

With a pink coat, Kate Middleton marked the last official appearance in public of her pregnancy. This look is a summary appropriate Princess style during any of his waiting: impeccable, sober and elegant, but at the same time simple and refreshing.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Dresses

Cutting of straight lines of his outfit is actually easy to replicate. The long arrives at the top of the knees, as usual, and the three-quarter sleeves add youth to a fairly classic dress.

The fabric should be fresh, because the photo was taken in June, which is already the summer in England.

Classic cut that does not fail

Few times we saw Kate printed outfits or daring fabrics. This dress, which looked at the opening of the Royal Princess, his last public event alone, cruise ship has the advantage that hides the tummy (incidentally also can hide imperfections if necessary). Cut straight and loose, conservative length above the knees and stiff fabric, this dress is always impeccable.

The look of the Princess is not complete without his hat. I know that they are very traditional and fine accessories in England, but at least I do not understand this custom. This hat, though elegant, does not meet no practical function and seems rather uncomfortable place it toward the front of the head and having to hold it in place with hidden presses. Anyway, that is my opinion. What do you you think?

Empire cut

Whatever the shape of your body, pregnant women look them much cut dresses Empire, where the waist is marked above the belly and the skirt falls freely. In the case of Kate Middleton, his dress has various fabrics, including lace top coat.

When you think of combining or contrasting colors of your outfit, very similar tones tend to be contraindicated. But if time Kate beige dress, combined with her coat peach-coloured clear and dark beige shoes, something oddly works well.

Even the real fashion rules are made to break if lights well.

High heel stiletto or pump type show that quirky or uncomfortable shoes don’t have to look beautiful and extend your legs (a suggestion for Kim Kardashian pregnant, perhaps).

Kate and their long coats

Spring came to England, or at least the closet of the Duchess of Cambridge. More beyond color, Kate rarely is separated from its logo style: straight lines, conservative, long cut above the knees.

As for his penchant for the long coats, perhaps climate or the type of occasions where it is photographed. However, it seems to be more your preference or your stylist, since others not used coats in the photographs.

I wonder how the dress for summer is used under the coat.

The pastel shades

During his visit to Naomi House, a home for children, Kate returned to their favorite pastel shades. Her six-month pregnancy belly looks very comfortable in her loose dress of classic cut.

These high-heeled shoes of beige we frequently see them Kate Middleton, which is a valuable resource for all pregnant women in both her swollen ankles permit.

Affordable fashion

The dress that Kate Middleton used for the inauguration of the Warner Brothers studios in London is not maternal, but but feel you thanks to the high waist cut. Unlike his other outfits that seem to be haute couture garments specially designed for her, this dress is one of the most popular of the Topshop brand and its jacket is from Ralph Lauren, according to Us UK magazine.


For your visit to the National Gallery of portraits in London, Kate Middleton attended the British designer Emilia Wickstead. It will be a unique design for Kate, but I think really easy to replicate if you’re skilled with sewing machine.

The casual look

According to marie claire fashion magazine, the dress that Kate Middleton used his visit to Wilmslow elementary school in Manchester, England, has a cost of £1,065 (more than $1,600) and Erdem House. Again, do you know any good seamstress?

Making fashion

For his official visit to the Boy Scouts, Kate used a color coat Mint brand Mulberry. According to the magazine InStyle’s England, wrap sold for full on the website of the company insofar as these photographs have been published.

Even princesses have old coats

On a cold day Kate chose a fabric long coat of the Armani brand. According to British media, this is the same coat that the Duchess used in 2006, when attended an event with her then boyfriend, Prince William. Up to the princesses cling to your favorite clothes!

As well as his shoes stiletto are their favorite on warm days, during the season cold Kate tends to go to the black stockings and her suede boots.

The casual look

This is the unique casual look that we have captured Kate Middleton pregnant: elastic skinny jeans boots rubber and winter coat. Thus, he attended a camp of the Boy Scouts in the midst of a snowfall. The lesson we can learn is that Leggings or jeans tight boots always look good, even pregnant, and if to that we add a jacket or sweater, you have a comfortable outfit that you can use the nine months.

If you can’t find jeans for pregnant, you can extend the life of your regular pants using a League or extension cords (visit this blog to learn how to place them or buy them online).

For cold days

It will be personal preference or Protocol, but Kate Middleton walks always dresses or petticoats, even in winter. For a visit with Queen Elizabeth to the underground, Kate used his traditional long coat, accompanied by the black stockings used in cold days and her high-heeled shoes. Why change your style if it works?

Good girl dress

If the traditional and conservative words describe the style of Kate, this dress is the perfect illustration, with its straight lines, curved sleeves, black color and good girl neck.

According to marie claire, the Duchess purchased in one of your favorite stores, Topshop, for just £46 ($70).

Already feels the belly

This was the first occasion in which Kate Middleton left to see her pregnancy, during his visit to Hope House, a Center for women with addiction problems. Her dress, designed by the House of MaxMara, is perfect for pregnant women: cross on top, high waist, and draping that falls into the skirt.

Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy

The world learned for the first time of Kate’s pregnancy in December 2012, when it should be hospitalized emergency for hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme nausea in pregnancy).