June, the Month of Pearls

The month of June is coming, and the stone chosen to represent it is the Pearl. Organic gem, she is formed when the oyster covers a foreign object that is in your interior with fine layers of a substance called nacre.

Despite being considered a classic jewelry, this does not mean that they cannot be used in a relaxed way, as shown in the editorial from Vogue h. Stern below, in which jewels with pearls make up looks current.

To update the Pearl Earrings, details how the gold Noble star of Stars or earrings Amethyst earrings Rua das Pedras make all the difference. For the more minimalist, yellow gold earrings with pearls are accurate choice according to insurancejust.

Long necklaces value the necklines, giving the visual style as allow amounts of laps to the taste of the user. The shorter also has your charm and are synonymous with timeless elegance.

But not only the Pearl Earrings and necklaces. The rings, bracelets and pendants with the gem transmit delicacy and femininity, a great option for Valentine’s day is approaching.

Attention:The pearls deserve special care, to stay beautiful for years. See in that other post how to take good care of her.