Jolla Tablet, Leave the First Refunds after the Failure of the Project

As anticipated in the beginning month, Jolla confirmed via an official statement the final closure of the project to build a tablet initially funded through crowdfunding platform on Indiegogo.

The Finnish company admits to having encountered unexpected problems relating to procurement of components of the device and the display quality, obstacles that are failing even after delivery of the first 121 units of product occurred last October.

The delays have also caused an increase in costs, and this led the company to a point of no return, led to the decision to close the project.

“What made us more nervous over the past few months was that we created of sorrow to our project supporter Jolla Tablet. It is one thing to face internal challenges, but when these relate so directly to our dear community, the situation becomes almost unbearable, “said Antti Saarnio, Co-fouder and Chariman of Jolla.

The situation is compromised, since suppliers no longer have the components necessary for the realization of the product, and many of these are no longer available to work on the project.

Hence the decision by the staff of La Jolla to deliver to “early backers” to Indiegogo the few tablets available as of February (540 units). But the most surprising aspect concerns thedecision by the company to repay those who participated in the crowd and that they will receive the Jolla Tablet. Fundraising campaigns do not provide for the obligation to return the money received in the event the project fails. Going against the tide, Jolla not only demonstrates seriousness and professionalism, but confirms the implied willingness to return to the market after you resolve financial gradients maintaining credibility in the eyes of his supporters.

Jolla will refund not only the cost of the tablet, but also the shipping charges and allAccessories purchased. Half of the refund will be made during the first quarter, while the second half will happen within a year.