Jen Bronstein Launches Jewellery Collection

Jen Bronstein started the year off on the right foot. The stylist has just launched your jewelry collection in partnership with the Brumani, mark darling of international stars.Jen Bronstein Launches Jewellery Collection 1

Called Laces, the collection has 20 pieces between rings, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and hair clasp. Of course, the exclusivity of the marks could not be left out, so the materials have been chosen carefully: white gold, pink gold, diamonds, trend pearls, blue Sapphire and other gems of Brazil comprises the creations. “The Nag creates and wears with elegance to contemporary women, using the blending and lace patchwork to highlight the sensuality of brazilian, and this is in line with the concept of the Brumani,” says Eduardo Brüner, CEO of the brand.Jen Bronstein Launches Jewellery Collection 2

For the designer, the partnership is all the more reason to celebrate success outside of Brazil. “Having my work recognized by a brand so prestigious internationally is a very big achievement, and view my creations being exposed and used by women in various continents makes me even happier,”he says.

The collection expresses the essence, freshness, womanhood and joie de vivre of the brazilian woman and you get your worldwide launch at BASELWORLD, one of the most important international exhibitions of watch and jewellery in the world, which takes place from March 23:30 in Basel , in Switzerland. The pieces will be sold in several countries in Latin America, in the United States, Europe and Arab countries.Jen Bronstein Launches Jewellery Collection 3