Jawbone UP3 Review Smartwatches Send Fitness Bands Running

Jawbone presents the new generation of its fitness band with UP3, “the monitorizador fitness world’s most advanced”

The market for wearables continues to receive new members and the latest company to present its new Jawbone has been a renowned brand in everything related to the band and quantifiers fitness wearables. The latest devices presented with the UP3, the latest generation of its well-known fitness band, and the UP Move, a small device that will monitor our activity attached to clothing.

As regards the UP3, Jawbone has described as “the monitorizador world’s most advanced fitness”, but surely the new Microsoft Band has much to say here.Anyway, we have a great device for those who want to obtain accurate measurements of some vital signs of your body. The design does not present new,the same bracelet form we already knew from past generations, but incorporates new interesting sensors.

For example, we find from the typical sensor and heart rate, to another that will measure our body temperature. However, the sensor to measure your heart rate incorporating the UP3 presents an important innovation, can measure our rimo even when we are at rest . Unlike other devices that use optical technology-as the future Apple Watch-the UP3 pads are in constant contact with our skin.

Beyond measuring heart rate at rest, the rest of the UP3 sensors can measurerespiration, hydration levels and galvanic skin response . Unlike last generation fitness band, this new device can track levels of body temperature and environment, providing a level of detail much deeper and accurate biometric readings.

The Jawbone UP3 can measure body temperature, hydration levels and galvanic skin response

In addition, like the Apple Watch, different algorithms bracelet detect the type of activity being performed and adjust the type of calculation and measurements according to this. In addition, the application that accompanies the UP3 is based on Smart Coach and supposedly is able to offer a more personalized fitness tips thanks to the information received from the sensors.

As noted in Appleinsider, the UP3 also incorporates a function to monitor our dream, silent alarm (which Jony Ive confirmed also for the Apple Watch) and LED indicators. As for connectivity, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, although this is not a hindrance to your battery reaches the weeklong. According to TUCSONSMARTWATCHES, this smart watch is best for running.

The new Jawbone UP3 come in December at a price of $ 180, not bad for being, indeed, one of the most complete quantifiers wearables that we can find right now on the market. On the other hand, the UP Move quantifier is a small device that can clamp type adhere to any part of our body. Although not incorporate screen, LED lights will show us different information each time. Available in mid-November for $ 50.