“It’s Just Rock And Roll”-but Just a Little

Apple Special Event from 09.09.2009
In the usual manner, Sven and Meinereiner tracked today’s Apple event and what should I say-we have probably promised a little too much too much-me too . But before we anticipate the result of the evening, we will first come to the highlights of the evening.ITunes 9: iTunes 9 is better, nicer, faster and-“more expensive”. The software is still free, but offers even more possibilities to make credit card accounts even thicker. “ITunes LP” is the latest cocktail in iTunes 9. “ITunes LP” are the luxury versions of normal, standard albums, in addition to the music there are bonus material like photographs, videos, lyrics, additional recordings and more ITunes presents. There is certainly more to be had in these days. Features in iTunes 9, which we like to mention and find at this point…

ITunes Extras, such as DVD Extras. Whatever that may be.

Genius Mixes, like the Genius Playlists only the tracks are now played as in a radio station.

App Managment directly in iTunes and no longer cumbersome on iPhone or iPod touch.

The iTunes library can be shared between up to five different, locally networked computers, including videos and apps.

Articles in the iTunes Store can be given away or “geshared” via Facebook and Twitter – Social is the new slogan!

Better navigation in the iTunes Store and a more relaxed menu.

The iTunes Store in full screen mode.

Previews in the store, direct and easy to find.

As mentioned above, iTunes LP.

Now we come to the hardware, which I – strangely – actually currently less interesting than the software. Somehow I had expected more of me and hoped, now, I just have to weigh whether it is an iPod touch or iPhone but that for me is what I actually do not really havewanted. But I am also just a human being, and people can also change.]. But now fast to the “news”.

IPod shuffle
Here on this front there is little to report, a small price drop with less memory (2 GB for 55 Euro RRP) and as usual for 75 Euro (RRP) and 4 GB of memory. There are many colors: pink, green, blue, silver and black. There will also be a special edition in Stainless Steel-for 95 Euro UVP, but only at Apple directly.

IPod nano
The iPod Nano is now equipped with a camera, on the lower left along with the microphone and the speaker on the case. The quality of the camera is currently unknown, but videos are recorded in VGA quality, ie we speak of 640 x 480 pixels, with up to 30 fps and AAC audio.The display grows a little to 2.2 inches (by 2 inches) and has a 376 x 240 resolution. Other features include an FM radio with live pause and iTunes tagging, a step counter (for Nike+), voiceover like shuffle and voice recordings. Prices start from 139 Euros RRP. Oh, and the videos would need to be first synced via iTunes 9 before they can be uploaded to Youtube and Co, as well as you can get more from boothbuying.

IPod classic
Now with 160 GB hard drive for 229 Euro RRP. You do not need to say anything more.

Now we come to my personal low point, here I would have expected more and I would probably unconditionally pulled my credit card-but so?

IPod touch
No great changes, no camera, 8, 32 and 64 GB, with OpenGL 2.0 and microphone for voice control (only the two large models). Apple has strongly turned to the prices-8 GB 189 Euro RRP, 32 GB for 279 Euro RRP and 64 GB for 369 Euro RRP. Here is a small hurray of mine.

Steve Jobs has been back on the stage, a few prizes have fallen but no product fire was burned as usual, too much was previously known or was overestimated. I do not want to make Apple bad, because every year a hare from the cylinder is a.) Boring and b.) A thing of impossibility. But Apple will certainly start the Christmas business with the new prices and features.

Personal note: I just just decided to buy an “old” iPod touch with 32 GB.

Editor’s note: At this moment, the new iPods are set up by our product managers in the shop system. In the next hours or minutes you can of course order the novelties directly from us.