IsoHunt Wins Lite Version

A week after being sentenced by a US court to exclude all torrents that enabled the download of files protected by copyright (ie all) of their servers, Isohunt announced the creation of a new home page, known as Lite.

With visual purposely similar to that of Google, the new version is intended to be a system of specialized searches in files torrent and so perhaps get rid of legal headaches while allows users freely to download web content .

“We hope that everyone understands the reasons that made us promote these changes. It is a way to respond to Judge Wilson’s concerns that induce the Copyright violations in the USA. That was never our intention and we have evidence to support it. With Isohunt Lite, we want to publicly reaffirm that our role is nothing more than allow searches to be made on the web with all the neutrality it provides “ , Gary Fung wrote, creator of the site, in a statement that can be read in the new home page.

One of the biggest differences of the “new” service in relation to other services search is that it is able to make a ranking of the files with the greatest amount of seeders, and not group identical torrents spread across several sites.