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By: camillebrion

Do you like romance and vintage fashion? The novel by Isabel Wolff, “A love of vintage,” is made for you! Isabel Wolff takes us in the stories of love and friendship of Phoebe Swift, a vintage fashion addict. Beware: this novel gives furious desires of thrift stores!

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Phoebe Swift emerging from a rather morose period: her best friend died in a tragic way, and she just broke up with her boyfriend.

To avoid brooding over his dark thoughts, Phoebe committed body and soul to his work: vintage fashion biotionary. Between new vintage clothing and new research in love, Phoebe has more time to think of Emma, her best friend.

That was without counting the encounter with an old French woman Therese, who wants to get rid of some old clothes, and tells a story that echoes her Phoebe spent with Emma.

Will Phoebe be able to embark on a new love story? What is the secret of the little Blue Coat of Therese? Will strapless cupcake success in the shop of Phoebe Swift?

The answer is in a vintage love!

  • The opinion of Cosmo

Isabel Wolff, I had discovered with Rose to the rescue and Misérable Miranda. For me, it’s a chick litt author who knows to travel with small but exciting, and even touching stories.

In a love of vintage, I like the story that surprised me. With such a title, is expected to an addicted shopping trend vintage, or a woman who is down on an old story of love or a love affair with an older man…

And a vintage love is all of these at once: the story of a woman who loves the vintage clothing, an older man, all mixed to a true love vintage, childhood.

A vintage love takes us there where you don’t expect it, with several stories of love and friendship intertwined, all sprinkled with a fair dose of vintage shopping.

Notice to those who have read the book: I dream of finding a yellow lemon cupcake dress since I read this book! Than those who identify in one make me sign!

Love vintage, Isabel Wolff

JC Lattes

Released: 06 June

411 pages


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