iPhone 6 Plus: Apple Will Replace Defective Isight Cameras

iPhone 6 Plus Apple Will Replace Defective Isight Cameras

Apple has determined that some copies of the current iPhone shipped 6 plus with one of a failure-prone main camera. The company now called a support website in the life, which explains which devices can be affected and what you can do, when is noticeable the problem with your iPhone.

A part of the iSight camera that corresponds to a particular batch of the iPhone 6 plus the requirements and can cause blurry photos is apparently to blame. Devices where the problem can occur, should have been sold according to Apple in the period between the release in September 2014 and January 2015. Via an automatic check on the decorated support page of the iPhone 6 can be controlled based on the serial number plus, whether a device is one of the affected specimens.

Apple Exchanges Not Complete iPhone

Who owns a corresponding iPhone 6 plus that has the aforementioned error, needs seem not to hope that’s prompt is replaced at the Apple store with a packed new device: Apple on its support page indicates affected customers have different ways to take contact with the manufacturer to make an appointment for a repair. This, but only the iSight camera of the iPhone 6 is to be replaced plus.

If the affected device is or otherwise damaged, all other repairs must be made in addition before the camera Exchange, Apple explains. For example, the display of the iPhone 6 plus jumped, it may be that you must first give this repair order and pay before Apple takes care of the camera.