Ipad App Test: Free Books

The iPad as a free eBook reader. (Video inside)
When the iPad was presented to the world in January of this year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs did not hesitate to bring the new wonder tablet especially as an eBook reader. 


A dedicated book shop and the appropriate application “iBooks” are intended to illustrate this possible use. Up to now, only customers from the USA can profit from this, because the app currently exists only in the American store. If and when iBooks will also be available in Germany to the market launch of the iPad at the end of May, is questionable. This uncertain circumstance is less due to the alleged unwillingness of Apple than more of the complicated case in Europe, and especially in Germany (point of book price binding and Co). For lovers of older books, also here in Germany, there is however free remedy -Freebooks ( App-Store-Link ), the appropriate app for eBook classics.
Free Books is currently available in the current version 1.1 free of charge on the App Store.This also applies to the situation in the German counterpart (to install apps for iPadsimported from iPads: articles in CyberBloc ). According to our own statement, Free Books currently contains over 23,000 free books, including many classics of relevant authors. The offer also includes, in particular, titles in English, but also some foreign-language versions such as the works of Goethe, Schiller and Kafka. Of course, these books are not preinstalled, but are downloaded to the iPad on request.

Freesbooks is designed for high-format operation, so the motion sensor is not used and the layout is not aligned in the horizontal format. On the “Homepage” you will find some points on genres and authors – this kind of navigation is primarily for your own inspiration. New in the current version is the integrated search function, which opens with a short finger movement as well in the upper area. Once you have found the appropriate title, it can be downloaded and added to the bottom of the library. If you want to remove books from your collection, you can do this by using a paper basket symbol.

The navigation within the book view is currently restricted to scrolling forward and backward (slight fingertip on the right side = scrolling, left page = backwards) and fast page selection by slider. Chapter selection and different font types and sizes are currently not supported. It is positive to note that Freebooks notes which page was last opened. So you can also read several books in parallel without having to keep the page numbers in mind.

Note to the video: In the film, I went ignorantly from over 26,000 titles, as well as the possible turning back was still unknown.


Free of charge many classics (but without illustrations)

Memory function for the most recently read page in all books

New search function


No cross-format

No chapter selection

Fixed fonts

Who likes to read classic, and this also in the original, will be satisfied with Freebooks.Currently, there is still a lack of comfort functions (transverse shape, fonts, etc.). Because of the fact that Freebooks is absolutely free, I can make a clear recommendation with a clear conscience.