Interior Design Ideas Minimalist Bathroom

How about a white bathroom minimalist design? The latter is simply defined: white and clean lines that adorn the bathroom without much to do… Demonstration!

A white design bathroom as in nature

In this Parisian loft, plants find their place in every room, including the bathroom white and nature. The space behind the bathtub Duravit receives two planters built to re-create a haven of peace at bath time. Green vases blown glass Kuiken from Fleux join this side garden. The two white sliding polycarbonate create a game between light and transparency when they are opened or closed on the rest of the apartment.

A pristine white bathroom

It of a trip that Jayne Wunder, Katie and Jonny Friedman fell in love with the Cyclades and buy an empty House of any interior design or almost. They then use the South African architect Jayne Wunder to reinvent the volumes and infuse a contemporary style while maintaining a typical “cycladic” spirit. For each of the rooms, five in number, the architect imagined a white bathroom suite of extreme sobriety. Pristine floor to ceiling, all lead to a white bathroom with shower poured into the mass as an extension of a piece of furniture. Carried out in cement, all were painted according to a Greek traditional technique. Refined, the bathroom mixes tradition and modernity in a light décor where advocates simplicity.

A white bathroom open room

In this apartment located Place des Vosges, the white bathroom opens on the House of the couple with two sliding panels that let filter the light and that cloud is when they are closed.Fans of contemporary design, the couple decorated the room a bench of Charlotte Perriand, which serves as a small rack for towels, and a light wood of Alvar Aalto stool. At the Center, the large bath takes place, inviting to relax. Light and airy, the white bathroom is perfect to relax in peace and quiet.

A white bathroom simple but sophisticated

In this minimalist bathroom design white, can be seen in the Center a bathtub overflow in stone at Boffi, autour which take place everyday objects. Both simple and sophisticated, it has an ingenious system that does not require an evacuation system: the water is collected in a tank located underneath. The lighting system (Erco) is also on the ground and dressed the part of blue when the night falls. The rest of the day, natural light enough to brighten the room.Fitted out with ease, the white bathroom includes light installations which transforms it into a colorful place design, very contemporary.

A white bathroom built in a block

In an old house in 1920, the architect Halewijn Lievens designed an island of fibro-cement-compacted ultra slim panels to create a block that includes all the features needed in a white bathroom comforts: shower, a mini-buanderie, but also Toilets, a sink and a bath! Fitted out with ease, the back room gains square meter while remaining pleasant to live. Very sober, the white bathroom is ultra functional: cupboards hidden behind the mirror, a sunken bath in the toilet plan,… The whole creates a perfect harmony that offers more room for a small but comfortable room, as anylistintheus says.

A minimalist white bathroom

This atypical apartment which looks in sidea box, the London collective Ennemlaghi has designed a room and a bathroom design white minimalist resin epoxy. The white accentuates this impression of continuity. Nothing to overload, bed is laid on the floor and the tub was, she dug into the ground. When night falls, the light box when the weasels are involved, placed at the center of the room, illuminates the place that seems to hit magic and gives a soft and soothing atmosphere.

A larger than life white bathroom

In the couple of Aurélie Trémolières and Aurélien Lespinas architect bathroom design, the room is dressed in white. Very minimalist and sleek, the white bathroom sports a sleek design and graphic. In this white bathroom, only the bouquet of flowers brings brightness to the room. The Panel is composed of a set in white lacquered wood made to measure that incorporates a marble basin. This minimalist set and geometrical gives rhythm to the piece.The white room offers a very contemporary design that is both functional and elegant.

A white bathroom sober

It’s a bathroom white refined and uncluttered which is offered to us in the Paris apartment.White occupies almost all of the piece and soberly mixes with a touch of black represented by photography. This white bath immediately takes us into a soothing world. Few objects are present in the room, only a black and white photograph invites himself over the bath and offers a slight contrast. Both sober and minimalist, this bathroom design white glue perfect in the city where it is located, Paris.