Intel Is Ready to Launch Oak Trail in Tablets Android

We saw a few days ago that the war for Android hardware was still just beginning, and that new contenders such as AMD is added to the fight. Today we have more news about all this, and it is that Intel has started production of the first batch of the Atom processor that it will directly go to the Tablet market.

We talk about, how could it be otherwise, the call in terms of development “ Oak Trail ”, a platform based on Intel Atom Processors, and that comes with improvements to the multimedia aspect, and can play 1080 p videos without disheveled, as well as support for Flash and both Android and Meego and Windows compatibility.

The first products based on this platform We will see in the next month, and we know that Intel has worked closely with Google to get full compatibility with Android, In addition to a good experience with Google TV and the first netbook equipped with Google Chrome OS, the CR-48.

These Intel Oak Trail chips can be integrated both in laptops and netbooks with low consumption, although they are directly designed for the growing market of tablets. They are equipped with a processor Intel Atom Z670 (45nm) 1, 5 GHz, also incorporating a GPU Intel GMA600 with integrated memory controller of a single channel (DDR2 – 800 MHz up to 2 GB).

With all manufacturers of hardware focused on dual-core solutions, Intel can play since the optimization card to maximize the potential of this chip, which promises a good performance series. If we didn’t have enough, now they bring us more wood for the fire.