Inspire Yourself in the Eyeglasses of Photographer Terry Richardson

Photographer Terry Richardson, favorite of many models and celebrities, has a very crowded ball.

After closing two very interesting partnerships, one with Diesel, for whom Terry developed an exclusive T-shirt, where a monkey appears wearing a pair of glasses. The second partnership Terry Richardson did with Moscot, where he created a different version of the eyewear used by himself. The new limited collection of glasses of Moscot has the name of “Terry Le” and was manufactured only the amount of 350 pieces that have spread by the world, including in the store Colette according to HARTSELLECLOTHING.

The photographer’s stripped-down style has made the Moscot brand want to repopulate the accessory he uses so much, and the whole campaign was made with the piece of clothing that also became famous for being a piece he recorded: the plaid shirt he always composed Its look and its unmistakable style.

Terry’s grade glasses have vintage design and transparent lenses, but it is possible to change them by sunglasses or even grade.

The value of the glasses of degree cost around € 325 and can be bought via internet. The photographer posted on his own tumblr a few celebrity photos wearing his grade glasses and the star of the time was the model Miranda Kerr who appears in fairly humorous pictures. Other names like Aline Weber and Chloe Sevigny have also posed for Terry Richardson’s lenses in fashion campaigns wearing their grade glasses. Get inspired by the photographer and wager on a similar model to adorn your face!