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Who said that accessories cannot tell a story? The bracelets of trinkets are living proof that an accessory can recall a moment, tell a story and even honor a loved one. And mother’s day is a special time to fix our moms hot chickens! Come see several inspirations of Love Pendant and promotions for that date.

A release that caught a lot of attention is the new bracelet heart of Love Pendant, which has no rosqueador so it’s easier to arrest on her arm and she’s beautiful. The store is also with a special action for mother’s day, who acquire the heart bracelet, which is made in sterling silver, wins a pendant, which can be the Heart Leaked or the pendant I Love Mom.

I love playing with the possibilities of these bracelets, whenever you have news of the brand I buy a new pendant and they all have a very special meaning for me. My tip is to go riding slowly, whenever I have some that have to do with you, your life, any experience you have lived or are living, you complements the bracelet or bracelets lol.

For mother’s day, you can choose the trinkets that match her, things she likes or that do remember who she likes. The prices are affordable and the range is very large, have the silver, veneers and the bijoux collection, so you can choose the ones that fit better in your pocket. My bracelet was with the pendant I Love Mom and my mother, the hollow heart and also has a very delicate little girl pendant.

The mine has a berloque House, which reminded me of my second home, the Studio JG, murano parts are also beautiful to put a little color, I was in love with the Buddha, for sure will always accompany me, brings me back peace of mind!

Meet all parts of Love Pendant and enjoy special discount for mother’s day, who buy the new bracelet heart pendant WINS! To win, just use the coupon JU1 to choose the Heart Leaked or the JU2 for the pendant I Love Mom.

The store is my partner super old, sends the entire Brazil and always brings news and promotions!

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