Industrial Hand Lights LED

LED flashlights and LED Down Lights for industries

Keep in good condition a lamp can be difficult in the industries, especially if the work is heavy. However, the Led lamps are preferred industries because they consume less energy than other conventional lamps, also keep fresh and functional at any temperature. LED flashlights can find them in most of industries.

There are currently a variety of inspection Led down lights , these lamps provide long life and are advantageous for those workers who need to inspect dark places.

These LED lamps come in different presentations that are suited to the work and needs of the industries.

Advantages of industrial LED lamps

  • Low power consumption, only 6 to 9 watts
  • The Led lamps are incandescent in nature. This is because they are not heated even if its use is prolonged, thus reducing the risk of fire.
  • It has no ultraviolet or infrared, provides a fresh light.
  • As these lamps are to focus directly on the area you want, not dazzle the eye.
  • Unlike other lamps, these do not contain mercury or heavy metals making them completely friendly to the environment.
  • Led hand lamps work under low voltage with no danger of an electric shock.
  • And the most obvious: are portable.

Industrial Hand Lights LED

Uses of industrial LED lamps

As its name says it, and as mentioned above, these lamps are used in industries and in places such as:

  • Boilers
  • Power stations
  • For welding activities
  • Mining industries
  • Thermal cameras

These are only some applications more common, in fact they can be used for any activity where you need to illuminate a specific space.