India Is Already The Leader Country in Discharge and Use of Apps Android

We already knew that India is one of the markets most powerful smartphones, although so far it is still in the shadow of China in number of users. But even if India does not have (for now) with so many assets, according to the latest report of App Annie, India will head in use and downloading Android applications.

With an overwhelming 97% of market share, India is clearly a territory Android and the success of the platform is accompanied by an overwhelming success of applications offering. In total, Hindu downloaded 6,200 million applications last year, an increase of more than 40% in 2015, which would.

A hyper-growth market

Currently the phone in Indian market with more than 1,000 million users, but within this group only 220 million have a smartphone data connection capabilities. While the number of users is behind China, in 2016 Hindus have been placed at the head of the ranking of Android apps downloads.

The graph shows a marked rise to India climbs for third place in Android apps download by 2015 to first place in 2016 with 6,200 million downloads. Just behind is United States and, a little more detachment in third place is Brazil.

But India will not only head in number of downloads, also is in first place in hours of application. In this case it is the first that already achieved in 2015, but usage time increases up to no less than 145,000 million hours of use.

The figures are appalling, especially taking into account that India has still many difficulties of access to the network, both prices and lack of coverage. However, lately have been interesting initiatives such as the arrival of lighter apps like Facebook Lite, Smart offline from YouTube or the initiative of Google to offer free WiFi in train stations.

According to Danielle Levites, App Annie’s Vice President, the numbers will continue to grow because India is what is considered a “hyper-growth” market. It is estimated that by 2020, the 220 million users of smartphones will become 810 million, so the numbers will rise exponentially until it stabilized in the future. As the markets are maturing, as already happens in Japan or United States, users focus on a group of specific apps and not already downloaded so many new apps.