Important Commandments in the Use of the Voice Recorder

There are recurring cases in the classroom of students who come to me to mourn an interview lost through misuse or to a break in the voice recorder.

And if there is an embarrassing situation, MUCH CONSCIOUSING, it is having to call that super busy and renowned interviewee, with whom you used every possible argument to get a schedule, and say,”I missed the interview I did with you.Can you give me another one? “

No!!!!!!!!What an embarrassment this kind of situation !!And it’s boring with all kinds of interviewees, not just the famous ones.

The interviewee will either refuse to give you another interview or, if he is very nice and wants to help you, will grant the interview, but not with the same excitement and the details said the first time he talked to you.

Based on the most frequent mistakes made by those who miss the interview, I have prepared FIVE IMPORTANT COMMANDMENTS ON THE USE OF THE VOICE RECORDER.

They are basic, they are obvious, but still (amaze!) Are often not followed.

Let’s go to them:

1 – You will not only record with the cell phone. Preferably use the digital voice recorder and, if you can, keep both recording at the same time (the recorder and the cell phone).Many students come to me complaining that they were only recording with their cell phone, and suddenly the battery of the device ended and they could not finish the interview.For mobile recording, remember to keep the device in Do Not Disturb mode to prevent people from calling you or sending you a message at the time of the interview, interrupting recording.Some cell phone batteries get weak very quickly with the use of multimedia features.Be aware of that.Recording only with the cell phone is always a risk;

2 – You will check if the batteries of the recorder are in good condition.This is so that the device does not stop working during the interview because of a weak battery.Do not rely on the batteries that were already inside the recorder, replace them with new ones before each interview;

3 – You will look at the tape recorder every five minutes (during the interview) to see if it continues to record.Yes,”supernatural” things happen like captives that turn off the recorder out of nowhere, without you noticing (rs).It’s happened to me.Believe!

4 – You will not buy the tape recorder on the day of the interview, nor will you test it minutes before meeting the interviewee.The chance that you do not know how to properly play the instrument in time for the interview is great.Do not give chance to chance.Be forewarned by buying the device well before and doing different tests on it;

5 – As soon as you finish the interview, you will save the file to your computer and a USB flash drive, and you will remove the batteries from the recorder to prevent it accidentally being blown into the bag and erase the recorded contents.Again:”supernatural” things happen on that day when you have luck in your favor…

Follow the tips and thus you will have your esteemed interview in total security