Importance of the Engagement Ring

Who says engagement ring necessarily said. Whether one is rather princess cut, cushion, glossy or pear, whatever, the important thing is to have one. So much so that 54% of women would be willing to participate in financing their engagement ring.

Importance of the Engagement Ring

A marriage without a ring, it’s like an airplane without wings.

It does not make sense.

Without falling into the low-class materialism, we must recognize that no one takes seriously an engagement announcement if the ring left the main interest is not adorned with a diamond ring.

“Love goes beyond a simple ring, one does not need a ring to know that he loves us.”

All we heard one of our friendly state this replica.

It is true, of course. 
But nobody believes.

Moreover it is generally merely nodding hoping this never happen to us while saying “the poor, it must make against misfortune good heart.”

You tell that abuse? 

A study by the QVC jewelry department found that 54% of British women would be willing to contribute financially to purchase their engagement ring.

One in five also bought herself, with her own money, her engagement ring.
This may sound crazy, but we can easily imagine that solves the problem of rendering the ring in the event of divorce.

The explanation for this is twofold.

First, one can overlook the fact that attitudes have changed only.
Moreover the study underscores the fact that in over 55 years, the idea of having to buy or even participate in that purchase of the engagement ring, is struggling to pass.

Moreover, the global economic situation has deteriorated and it’s no wonder that men have less budget to spend on purchasing an engagement ring.

Then, we must recognize the truth: we want a nice engagement ring, which pleases us and we will not be ashamed to show our loved ones.
Therefore, more and more women do not hesitate to participate in order to have the engagement ring of their dreams.
Especially the end, it is they who will carry it.