If QHD Tea Seems Too, Notes: Sharp Could Have in Hands a Panel 4K for Mobile

To news like this I can’t help but wonder why the manufacturers engaged not more resources to improve their battery technology and less to this unstoppable race to produce more mobile fine, and, above all, with more and more resolution. The need to use panels QHD (2,560 x 1,440 points) is not entirely clear, especially if we keep in mind that it negatively affects the autonomy, what to install on a mobile phone a 4K panel seems disproportionate. But it could happen in the medium term.

Several Japanese media have been published during the last hours that Sharp, one of the largest manufacturers of LCD panels in the world, could be working on devices that in theory will happen to QHD panels which, as you know, have already reached quite a few mobile phones. These new panels would have a resolution Real 4K (4096 x 2.160 points), by what one 5.5-inch reached a density of, seize, 842 points per inch! But there is still more.

The same publications that have visibility to this filtering ensures also that Sharp will begin mass manufacturing of 4K LCD panels for smartphones in 2016, and that in principle they will arrive with sizes ranging between 5 and 6 inches. Also out that the Japanese company improve image quality current by applying LTPS panels one additional layer of polycrystalline silicon, which, apparently, will improve the transparency of the panel.

Some scientists, such as Roger N. Clark, MIT, argue that a human eye in perfect condition is able to discern a maximum of 530 pixels per inch. If so, QHD panels make sense on mobile phones more than 5 inches, and possibly many more users would see with good eyes if they incidiesen not negatively in the autonomy. But integrating a 4K panel on a mobile less than 6 inches seems excessive because in theory that excess of resolution will not provide any visual improvement, and, in addition, it is unlikely that in 2016 batteries technology has improved enough to offer us really decent autonomy with panels like that. What do you think about this topic?