Ideas for Gifts for Father’s Day: a Closet Full of Style

By: camillebrion

The next day March 19 held the Father day, and although there are many ways to demonstrate the love he feels toward his father, who don’t like receiving a good gift. Sure that your father deserves to have that Special detail with him.

From Mensencia We want to help you in this mission, that is why we have prepared a series of Special posts with interesting gift ideas for a father, always stylish. This first is a Special fashion articles to make sure. Following talk of the Add-ins, treatments of beauty y perfumes and of course the ultimate in gadgets.

A classic that never fails: shirt and tie


One is that a hackneyed give one shirt and tie, and that insurance can you think of many other options, but if your father is the classic insurance you will appreciate a good shirt or an original tie. The best ever gifts is that you make sure almost to 100% that your father will give a good use.

So I suggest that you take a look at the proposals of the Spanish House SoloIo, specialized in shirts, neckties and bow ties and all kinds of accessories mainly clothing, although there are more casual lines, exclusively designed for men.

You have selected these four ties to the tone of the trends of this season; rose motif of the Paisley Cashmere, electric blue with embroidered Globes, of flowers liberty in shades of green on a blue background, or pink Fuchsia with microdot in blue. All are made with the Red system in edge, which allows absolute precision for the maximum detail motives and manufactured in Italy with silks high quality. Your price from 24 to €30 approximately. The catalogue is infinite and also which shows you have many more, narrow, with special long, pictures, etc … and in addition you can buy online.

The shirt It is another wildcard gift, you can choose one and buy him a tie that combine game. I show you three options very own for the summer season. White with pictures vichi Red, basic in Celeste, or with stripes horizontal Marino on a white background. Are all of straight cut format classic, are made in cotton one hundred per cent. Its price around €48.

A point of gift


A jersey of fine point neck peak or box and made of cashmere’s first, ideal with shirt and jeans or pants Chinese, is another present that they does not fail. Purificación García are experts in the manufacture of point, offering most basic colors and models, through lines more of tendency, but always without losing one iota of quality, that in relation to the price is unbeatable. These that I show you in Beige, Purple or green Jade are three colors very trend this spring, but you can find them in many other tones, its price €70.

For those who want to get out of sweater always can choose the point but in version t-shirt, as this cotton with stripes in gray marbled and dark, €55, for a classic Polo Piqué in some intense color like this in cyan, €60, or because not with a Cardigan style sailor, 85€.

The gift most stylish, exquisite shoes


For those who opt for the exquisite taste and they want to give style, nothing better than a good shoes. I propose two essential male Shoemaker that should not miss. First a few loafers with tassels or loafers skin color camel, like these from Paul Smith, €410, a classic dress but also can be very locasual.

Secondly a Oxford shoe, These of Church ’ s, €420 are the most elegant, made in leather with embossed in color chocolate and laces game, very suitable for a day suit, although can be perfectly combined with a jeans.


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