Huawei Announces Honor 7i With Fold-Out 13-MP Camera

Already some time ago pictures and specifications of the honor 7i in the network were appeared–including a possible interview on today’s 20th August. And really: Huawei officially presented the honor 7i now at least in China. The Android Smartphone is characterized by very special camera properties.

Instead of two tightly-fitted cameras on the front and back, the honor 7i has only one main camera with 13 MP, that fold down for Selfies allows, as Gizmochina stated. With other smart phones to take photos of mostly self-portraits of lower quality because usually the front camera takes pictures with lower resolution. The folding mechanism of the honor 7i users to to use the full resolution of a main camera for Selfies.

Huawei Announces Honor 7i With Fold-Out 13-MP Camera-1

Fingerprint Sensor Is Built Into The Side Of Honor 7i

Huawei provides also the camera of honor 7i with automatic functions, which facilitate the life of the Selfie photographers. So the module on request will automatically trigger, recognize faces and smile or performing a white balance. The sensitive sensor should produce good recordings in collaboration with the f/2.0 Aperture also in low light. Also according to Huawei user not to the stability of the camera joint have to worry: even when the 132-time device is used on the day, she should keep at least two years, the manufacturer guarantees.

Apart from the snazzy camera feature, the honor 7i provides a fingerprint scanner, which the manufacturer on the left side. That could please just users with shorter fingers: it’s often hard you with screens about 5 inches to include smartphones, to enable the fingerprint scanner on the home button. The sensor will reach more easily at the honor 7i. How well this works, a test must show only.

Huawei Announces Honor 7i With Fold-Out 13-MP Camera-2

Except for these remarkable features, Huawei in the honor of 7i installed the hardware of a mid-range Android, which corresponds to the model of honor 7 in many ways: a 5.2-inch screen with full resolution of HD serves as a display, while inside an eight-core processor Snapdragon 616 type works, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory to the page are. The necessary power supply provides a battery with 3100 mAh; as the operating system Android is 5.1 lollipop with its own EMUI 3.1 interface used. The Huawei honor 7i can be pre-ordered on August 20 at least in China as equivalent 224 euro. When and if a release in Germany is carried out, so far remains open.