HTC Wildfire S, The Beginning of a Saga

Following the renewal of terminals of proven success, the HTC Wildfire S it comes to be the update of middle range, which is necessary to maintain the status quo of this saga in the entry smartphone market.

We are faced with a terminal seeking more a compromise between functionality and price than an outstanding performance. Afford the luxury of a demure size in these times with 101 × 60 × 12. 4 mm and weighing 105 grams.

Improving the range Wildfire

Smaller than its predecessor, maintains the capacitive screen of 3.2 inch and increase the resolution to the 320 × 480 pixels. All this to display Android 2.2 under the usual HTC Sense interface.

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The engine of this little one stays in a processor of 600 Mhz Qualcomm (a fair bit and does not provide much respect to the generation above 528 MHz Wildfire, although not all are Mhz processor, all told). Next to him we will have 512MB of RAM and 512MB series in the device. As always, the slot micro SD full storage with up to 32GB of memory.

The connections They include the usual kit of WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 3.0. We will also have a luminance, proximity and accelerometer sensor.

HTC Wildfire S, availability

Like the rest of HTC ’ s presented today, will be before the summer by Spain in three possible colors (white, black, purple), and following the logic of distribution of the current HTC Wildfire would come at the hands of Vodafone, given that such good sales results. The price remains to be defined, but is expected to be maintained in the range of the current Wildfire.