HTC Suffered The First Decline in Profits in Two Years and Launches “Studio”

HTC, the second largest manufacturer of smartphones Asian, is trying by all means recover from the first fall in profits in the last two years, with expectations of profits for the first quarter of the year 36% below the last quarter of last year, which was not at the height of their expectations.

The openly declared war between Apple and Samsung, both within international markets and far outside them, encourage them, has increased the level of competition from the United States. One of the reasons that Winston Yung, Financial Director of the Taiwanese company has blamed the crisis situation facing HTC currently together some terminals with LTE technology that have not reached expected levels of sales.

On the same conference call in which Yung said the analysis carried out by the multinational, also said that it is a simple passenger slump, waiting for the appearance of their new models to save the situation, while undergoing a its strategy complete remodeling in the field of smartphones. Fruit from which is born a new Department, under the name of “ Studio ”, inform directly advances the own brand, Peter Chou CEO.

The company already made public their plans on focusing on a more limited number of devices of higher quality and performance marketing. At the time that will allow consumers to identify more clearly the new devices that are launching, will try for be sure to maintain a level that makes them competitive against Samsung and Apple.

The new Department consisting of a small multidisciplinary group, ranging from engineering to the design of the Terminal, will be primarily responsible for carrying out the difficult task to recover the position that was months ago, becoming in reference to other manufacturers for HTC.

Just have to do a better job both in the design and components of the products, with a more open mind that will allow us to choose the most suitable parts for our phones, allowing us to regain the advantage over our products […] this group of people spends most of the time working on the product key that they will be put in place this year making sure that there are different sources of a same component. In this way we will have a good range of suppliers to choose processors or memory, for example.

Both aspects commented by the own Winston Yung, design and components, have been the worst criticism in recent times. In fact, the opening of mind that Chief Financial Officer alluded at the Conference makes that many analysts are pointing to the possibility that HTC is thinking in compatible chipsets from Qualcomm, now ubiquitous in their smartphones, Nvidia and Texas Instruments, offering different models more differentiated among themselves and able to sneak into the top of the ranking of sales.

The truth is that the Taiwanese a long way to go, left them having to return to “ put in the pocket of many users ”, overcoming the current reluctance of consumers to the brand and, what is even more difficult, become a clear alternative to purchase When implementing a change of terminal.