HTC Pre Orders

Despite the many criticisms of the sale price, unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2016, HTC Lives seems to be decidedly party off right, judging from the early days of advance sales that had already unleashed the enthusiasm of the highest leaders of society. Directly from the Twitter account of Shen Ye and Char Wang, co-founder and CEO, respectively, revealed that in the first 10 minutes of opening of the preorders over 15 thousand units of HTC Lives were bought by customers, for a total collection of 12 million.

A very positive response from the audience, divided by the price and the future that could have this viewer, not to be confused with various Samsung Gear VR and such, thanks to a totally independent and developed around the platform itself.

Between Rift and lives there would be about 200 € of difference, and it is studying the failures of the first that HTC would have forged ahead, including bundled controllers, sensors for tracking within an entire stanza (not present on oculus), front camera and especially a videogame platform and important partnership as Valve.


Despite being a technology still in its infancy, and a rather limited securities Park, HTC Lives literally went like hot cakes. Now it will be up to Valve software and further enrich the Park ad HTC promote further use that, as reaffirmed in the launch phase, will not be limited to just gaming, focusing on entertainment, education, design, healthcare and automotive.