HTC Have in The Oven a One for The Midrange

HTC has opted very strong for their HTC One, terminal most acclaimed of this beginning of 2013 has many advantages to become the Android device and star of this year.

However, manufacturers do not usually get most of their profits in the high range, which has a reduced market given high prices which are managed, an HTC One costs more than 650 euros.

That is why, with the best cards on the table, the rumors and hot spots have gone to search the seconds in discord, with best prices often grab the bulk of the sales. Sony has already spoken with an SP Xperia having good mimbres, and Samsung hopes with its still unknown Galaxy mini SIV maintained a good level of sales.

HTC’s plans for the middle range, although we do know that they are preparing the M4 HTC for a long time, do not know terminal which now comes to the fore thanks to DigiTimes, which States that the device will be an HTC One of low cost.

This is not trivial, and it seems that the HTC M4 will also feature with a metal unibody chassis that will house a screen of 4.3 inches and HD resolution 720 p, which will give life a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, with two dual-core 1.2 GHz and which is accompanied by the Adreno GPU 305 and 1 GB of RAM.

They are specifications that placed him in the fight directly with the new Xperia from mid-range, SP, who will return to anticipate the competition. However, despite aiming good manners, We do not know if HTC will integrate again the camera Ultrapixel, given the problems for components that already suffered One HTC.

Apparently, will be presented in June before heading out to the market, so it will be to be very attentive to the footsteps of HTC.