HTC Edge, The New Beast of HTC with Quad-Core Processor

Today in the field of the mobile phone receives a new shock. It is this time, comes from Taiwan, and responds to the name of HTC Edge. Call to become flagship of the brand next year, will be the first device from the multinational Asian, and perhaps the first in the market, in having a quad-core processor in its bowels.

Nothing less than the chipset is responsible for all this mess NVIDIA Tegra 3, that breaks with the usual pattern of HTC regarding the incorporation of Qualcomm technology. AP30 Tegra 3 processor will have a clock speed of 1.5 GHz that, combined with 1 GB of RAM, It will provide the power needed to feed the 4.7 screen inches with resolution 720 p.

Under these premises offers us a device, which is true to its name, the mobile technology almost to the limit, in the absence of some specific aspects, such as the possible compatibility with LTE 4G or the version of the Android operating system that will take with him, while all indications are that it could be of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Wrapped in that quite possibly it new interface HTC Sense 4.0, as usual signature of the House, with a total deployment of new services of content such as Listen HTC or HTC Bookstore, store music and books respectively, the hub of HTC Play games and even the portal’s HTC Watch HD movies.

The possibility of having a maximum of 32 GB of internal memory for storage capacity, as well as Bluetooth 4.0, the camera 8 megapixel camera (28mm, f/2.2) and Beats Audio certification are some of the ingredients that put the icing on the cake to a device which, a priori, already offers us as the height of excess that any fan of technology want to carry in the Pocket.

Something which, according to the first information that emerged around the Edge HTC, will not take place until the early spring the next 2012.