HTC Desire S, Walking Towards The Desire HD

Following the line of add initials to a proven successful model, HTC extends the range of the Desire with the HTC Desire S, using the symbol par excellence of this generation of Androids, it seems.

Equipped with Gingerbread series and an updated version of HTC Sense, this new HTC Android comes to provide nearly the features of a Desire HD at the size of a standard Desire.

We start from a redesign very subtle aesthetic, goodbye to the physical keypad, goodbye to the trackball and welcome to the aluminium body one piece, by placing it in a quality of materials of the Samsung Wave, cold body style.

Technical we have a display of 3.7 inch, like the conventional Desire and maintaining 5-megapixel rear camera. That Yes, we now have one front camera for VGA-quality video.

We completed the hardware with a 1 GHZ processor Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8255 and the same RAM as the Desire HD, 768MB. And to give life to this new HTC, a battery of 1450mAh. In terms of storage, brings 1.1 GB series, and with the possibility of expansion for Micro SD card.

And to see all this we will have to wait until the second quarter of this year and the hand of Vodafone as operator from entering the market. By now we hope to present the novelties of the new HTC Sense while we watch the juicy leaf characteristics of this new HTC Desire S.