How to Wear Sports Jeans?

Jeans is a super democratic piece that goes well with any style and is always fashionable. Be it in romantic, sporty or even more formal looks, jeans are always the right bet.

Nowadays you no longer need to wear only heels to have a charming look, looks with sneakers and more sportive are super trend and brings an alternative look.

Let’s leave here some tips on how to wear jeans in athletic looks beyond comfortable to bet on any occasion. Let’s check it out?

5 Sportswear Options With Jeans


In the cold little you can replace the legging by a skinny in black color that in addition to making the look more cozy, combines very well with a sporty look.

How to use: Choose a skinny jeans in black and match with a white blouse.Complete the look with a gray overcoat, a plaid scarf and a red sneaker to highlight according to healthinclude.


The blazer works great for both classic looks and more stripped looks, as in this case, look:

How to use: Choose a skinny jeans with a very dark wash, a white shirt and a navy blue blazer. To finish, choose an approximate color sneaker from the blazer.

3-Skinny+Denim Jacket

A good look all jeans is never a trend, and blending washes is a styling trick that you need to invest.

How to use: Choose a skinny jeans with a very dark wash and match with a black sweater. Put on a black scarf, a super-light blue denim jacket, a black shoulder bag and a black slip-on sneaker.

4-Dress+Jeans Jacket+Sneakers

It is common to see the mixture of romantic and sport in the looks of fashionistas.A super authentic combination for any occasion, see how to assemble:

How to wear: Choose a white dress or a delicate flowery print and match a lightly washed denim jacket. Invest in a black hand bag and put on a pink sneaker to finish.

5-Straight Jeans+Leather Jacket

Do you want a comfortable and stylish look to use in the ballad? So go deep in this option.

How to use: Choose a straight jeans with dark wash and folded bar. Combine with a gray long-sleeved blouse and a black leather jacket with gold accents. To close the production, opt for a low-cut sneaker with the approximate color of the gray blouse.

Now you already have 5 options to style there to put together your sporty jeans look. Did you like the ideas? What’s your face? Tell us!