How to Wear Scarf

It’s always good to advance in relation to the right fashion, we cannot expect everything to happen then we go out to buy or start using what’s trending. First, because when the fashion explodes the part gets more expensive, second because begin using after everybody’s using seems Maria goes with the other. See tips on how to use scarves!

That’s why you have to be always informed and in tune with what will come next season. No doubt that the scarf will bombar next winter. It is super stylish, like most winter clothes and never becomes outmoded.

This is ma piece that matches all but the heaviest made of warmer fabrics fall much better with warm clothing. The best part is that the scarf transforms the look, you can take it on a journey that will surely save space in the trunk.

It is also great to carry in your purse, to work, a walk if the weather is cold. It is always good to prevent.

So here are a few tips on how to wear scarf:

  • Do not confuse things. If the weather is cold to the point you use heavy coat, you have to match a blunter scarf, if you go to walk without coat or a lighter, use a thinner scarf.
  • If you do not know very well how to use, buy a longer, it gives more options and just gives you a few laps in the neck which is already beautiful.
  • To wear a scarf in spring, but as I already mentioned, have to be thinner and you cannot leave it super wrapped around neck, leave it fluffier or just thrown over the shoulders.
  • Longer can be used in a simple way: take a kinkle tip and pass twice around the neck, the cross is part of the front.
  • Give a simple round neck leaving a tip back and another forward is also very simple to use and is elegant.
  • If the weather is really cold, let your hair very close to the neck scarf. Combine with a different colored jacket, highlight the part as suggested by
  • If your shirt has high collar, just put the scarf on shoulders.
  • The scarf can indeed be used to dress, but if the weather is too cold, have leggings underneath the dress and scarf, preferably the same color as the leggings. If the cold is not so intense, only dress the light scarf, pashmina type.
  • With cardigans and blazers scarves that fall are the best lumbering and have several laps in the neck. It gives an impression that you are comfortable in the chill.

A wildcard piece, beautiful, super stylish and versatile. Now that you know how to use and abuse, take advantage when the cold come and mount several cool looks with scarf.