How to Wear Leggings to Work

1 / Make sure first that you have the right to wear leggings to work. Even the most sophisticated leggings can give a feeling of relaxation and leisure; So search your workplace and see if it’s appropriate before pointing with your leggings brand new at your next appearance in the office.

• Check if other women wear leggings or skirts that can be associated with leggings to your workplace.

2 / Wear leggings in a sophisticated material. There is nothing to say, cotton leggings, but if you have to dress in the context of your profession, you should wear leggings suede, leather or even black jeans. If you have on hand several kinds of leggings, you can dress several combinations, including fantastic outfits for work.

How to Wear Leggings to Work

• Remember the rule is to not wear leggings as pants. If you just wear leggings and a top for work, you will not have very professional look and you might feel uncomfortable.

• If you do not want to part with your cotton leggings keep blacks for work.

3 / Avoid wearing patterned leggings. Stick to black or at least the basic colors for the job. If you wear black leggings with lace motifs way, you might look too vulgar for the office. Printed leggings can be funny after work, but they are too playful for a professional environment.

• If your leggings are very discreet polka dots on a dark fabric and are of good quality, you may be wearing.

4 / Match your leggings with a nice top. If you wear a sophisticated blouse, it can also enhance leggings and make them more sophisticated and suitable for work. Here are some top you can wear with leggings:

• Wear a fitted jacket over a narrow woolen dress and pair the outfit with floral print leggings.

• Wear loose blouse and a skirt in a basic color with your leggings. Make sure the skirt is not too ramp above the knee to avoid having too provocative air. The blouse should be sophisticated enough to illuminate the entire outfit.

5 / Match your leggings with a long sweater. If you have a long sweater, thick that stops above the knee, you might ennoble with leggings. Wear a belt and high boots that go with the sweater. The jumper must be very nice to have the pace to work.

6 / Wear shoes that complement the leggings. The sandals are great with leggings, but not suitable for most workplaces. Do not wear sandals in a professional environment, especially not with leggings, which will be too relaxed pace. Pair leggings with riding boots or black boots. Partner with the very classes oxfords.

7 / Change to leggings fashion jeans for Friday. You can match them with a loose tunic and ballerinas. For a more formal dress, add two long chains necklace or a decorative scarf. You will be both trendy and casual.

• Do not wear leggings with shorts in a professional setting. Although this is a cute look to go out with friends, avoid this type of pace, even on a Friday.You would not wear shorts to work, even on a Friday dress day off; it is the same for shorts with leggings.