How to Use Maxi Cardigan

Cardigans are key pieces in every woman’s closet, especially in winter because they are warm and very stylish. But in the fall/winter of 2016 the version of the cardigan that came with everything is the maxi version, those big ones, that can have the length just below the hip and some even longer that go up to the ankle.

The colors also have for all tastes, coming from the most neutral like black, gray and white, passing through stronger tones like red and blue. It is also worth investing in cardigans with ethnic prints as they are on the rise.

Suggestions for looks using maxi cardigan

  • If the day is not too cold, put on a shorts, sneakers, T-shirt and a cardigan, look good street style and modern.
  • For very cold days, invest in a leather jacket over the maxi cardigan, look beautiful and very warm.
  • Put on a pretty little dress, of those little rounds with a maxi cardigan that covers it, but without going to the ankle, looks very feminine and delicate, invest also in a boot of short barrel, or coturno, or an oxford.This breaks the look a bit and makes it cooler.

Do not forget that maxi cardigan looks good with just about every type of outfit.If you want to leave the house with an old jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and a maxi cardigan, it will look gorgeous and super-tuned.

The cool of these classic pieces of our wardrobes is that they offer us a great possibility of combinations that sometimes does not even go through our head, what we must do is to experiment and seek new ways to use them. Enjoy that we still have many winter days ahead to wear your maxi cardigan. Without a doubt you will be very successful and everyone will realize how much you are connected in the new trends. Destroy, and even the next fashion tips!

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